Health Coach Rates

Health Coach Rates

Podcast 17

Welcome back for another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Want to know more about how much you should charge as a health coach? You always want to make sure you are not undercharging or overcharging your clients for the products and services you offer. In this episode, Cathy and Ashley have an informal talk while answering questions from listeners about what rates coaches should charge for programs and one on one coaching. Cathy and Ashley discuss the following topics:

  • Different rates and packages for different coaches
  • Impact of geographical location on rates
  • Package options and price variations per quantity
  • Smarter Revenue Spreadsheet
  • Client origination and how to increase the value of your program
  • How education and certifications impact your rates
  • Forms of payment: insurance payments, deposits, payment plans
  • Offering group support and coaching sessions together
  • 3-6-9-12 program rates
  • Offering practice coaching while in training as a way to gain experience
  • Tips on how to offer and upsell HealthCoachGroup programs to clients
  • Amazon Affiliate Program suggestions
Cathy discusses rates offered by different coaches, and the importance of being aware of what value you are offering as a coach. The experience, story, and ending you provide clients are just some of the factors that impact what rates you should charge. Where are you located? Where are your customers located? Did your customer come from a doctor’s referral? A customer referral? How are you accepting payments? What is the existing market like? How do you sell your program? Can you coach if you’re still in training? What value can you add to the programs you offer?

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  1. Grace whyte

    Do you know any health coach that uses nudge platform for their program?


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