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Health Coach Education

Podcast 153

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Although the health coaching industry is largely unregulated, education is a non-negotiable if you want to build a reputable health coaching business. Cathy explains what health coaches must know about health coaching certifications and details about the Health Coach Group’s Health Coach University. 

In this episode, Cathy discusses

  • Why coaching education is important 
  • Why you need two legal professionals as a health coach 
  • The reality of health coaching certifications 
  • Health Coach Group’s 3 Pillar Approach to Certification

1-Proactive Wellness 



  • Different learning opportunities for health coaches:
    • Health coaching for personal trainers
    • Celebrity expert lecture training 
    • Functional medicine training
    • Coaching
    • Plant-based training
    • General health coaching as a support to medical institutions
  • What’s covered in Health Coach University: 
    • Listening
    • Understanding
    • Capacity for Human Potential
    • Building Trust and Bonding
    • Understanding Through Questions
    • Importance of Intuition
    • Reflection and Response
    • And so much more!
  • How the Health Coach Group supports your training:
    • Business plan
    • Time management
    • Social media 
    • Advertising on social media
    • Correspondence
    • Home offices
    • Physician health coach partners
    • Corporate wellness
    • Marketing
  • Health Coach University Wellness Track:
    • Grocery shopping
    • Food preparation
    • Keeping track
    • Portion control
    • Exercise and movement 
    • Environment
    • Communication
    • Nutrition basics
    • Dietary theory
    • Advanced nutrition
    • Inflammation 
    • Self-care
    • Relationships 
    • The Importance of Fun
    • Habits and Addictions
    • Stress
    • Science Supported vs Theory
    • Researching Health Information
    • Wellness Library to use for clients 
  • Why Health Coach University focuses on assessments vs. testing 
  • What to expect from Health Coach University
    • 6 month commitment 
    • 20+ hours a week

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Education not only provides accurate wellness information, it should also teach coaching principles and business.”  
  • “Education is not a problem, it’s an opportunity.”

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