Health Coach University Scholarship Program
Podcast 132


IMPORTANT:  HCU Returns in 2022!

Health coaches are needed more than ever to address the growing issues surrounding physical and mental health, stress, and isolation. If you’re ready to launch or strengthen your health coaching journey, Health Coach University is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable skills in coaching, business, and wellness and it’s absolutely free! 

In this episode, Cathy and Amanda discuss

Details about Health Coach University:

      • 3 Tiers of Knowledge: Coaching, Business, Wellness
      • Minimum commitment of 20 hours per week for 26 weeks
      • Layout of course: modules and reading, group discussion, meetings 
      • Core Materials 
      • Who can apply to Health Coach University 
      • Assessments, assignments, required books
      • Support 

      Memorable Quotes:

      • “By the time you graduate from Health Coach University, you are strong on coaching, you understand how to set up your business and you’ve actually gone through and set up your business plan for yourself, and you also have the wellness principles and you know where to go to find the answers for your customers as they need it.” 

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        Health Coach University

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