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Well…the good news is, we have a lot more health coaches who are coming up against this – because we have some pretty successful people.  The bad news is…it really isn’t very pleasant.


When you get out in business – it is inevitable.  You will come across people who don’t like you.  We want to help people…we want to make a difference in the world – and not everyone will love you.


The thing is…they don’t always tell you when they love you, but boy do they tell you when they don’t.


It’s okay.


Dear Haters,

I have so much more for you to be mad at.

Just wait!


As you build your success, people around you may resent what you’re doing.  You are filling your potential – and it reminds them that they aren’t.


People judge.  As an entrepreneur, you need to find a way to deal with haters.


Some of the biggest and best people (all of them) in the world have people who are mean and judgmental.  It’s a fact of life, business and success.  There are haters.


These are the people you want to step away from.


Sometimes you can’t step away from them – they are family.  Find ways to look for what they are doing well and point it out to them.  Instead of letting them drag you down – pull them up with you.


It’s okay, there is plenty, plenty, plenty of room at the top.










Tell us about your experience with haters in the comments below.  How did you deal with it?  I bet you have some good stories!



  1. Sue Ann Gleason

    Thankfully no haters yet but I can see where this kind of energy could really feel hurtful. For the most part I try to keep my energy field clean and my boundaries clear. In my experience, people who feel compelled to criticize are generally experiencing their own unhappiness and then projecting it out into the world. I think it’s best to simply not engage. Thank you for sharing your HATERS acronym. Priceless. xxoo

  2. Johanna

    Thanks for this aspiration all post . I thoroughly believe in karma and any haters I’ve experienced have actually created stronger opportunities for me to succeed. This is a great post to remind us to keep moving forward in the direction we know is right.

  3. Marian

    I am just reaching the point of having haters. Especially in the alternative niche for autoimmune disease and gluten free/paleo/traditional lifestyle advocate. Thank you so much for the encouragement. 😀

  4. april

    what a fabulous post, cathy! yes, there will always be haters. i always assume that they are feeling threatened in some way. as you pointed out, perhaps they have not reached their full potential and are angered by anyone who has. perhaps they are unsure of the path they’ve chosen and wonder why you’ve decided on another. since they are often struggling with insecurity and doubt, i try to remember (although it can be difficult) that it rarely has anything to do with me.

  5. Ashlie Pappas

    I love this post, Zach read it too and loves it! This one is hard for the “people-pleaser” in me. I’ve found that in life it is the people who would rather cut other’s down to feel bigger who are “haters”. I try to not to let any of the hate live in my head rent free.

  6. Cynthia

    I sometimes have been a hater, I must admit. It’s deeply unconscious. Once I realize this behavior, I find out why. What’s bothering me about this person? Is it a competitive issue, am I feeling jealous, or do they just bug me? The point is, it’s all in our heads, what we tell ourselves about someone and a reflection of ourselves in them. It’s the deeper negativity that becomes a problem, when a hater turns something into a bigger issue, a plot, perhaps even begins to cross boundaries that our culture needs to mend. This is an important topic, great you brought it up.

  7. Debrina Wright

    Great piece. I just think that it’s funny how people can get when you actually go after what you want…and make it happen! There’s enough love and support out here for everyone. Especially the haters. My mission is to convert you. Just saying. Come on over to the bright side.

  8. Patti and Peter Rugg

    We believe that the root cause of the type of hate you describe is based in self-doubt and insecurity.
    In order to succeed one must keep their focus on the goal.
    As one friend so apply puts it, when driving one should focus through the windshield and not on the bugs spallatered there.
    Thank you, Cathy for the admirable post!


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