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Any kind of business – brick and mortar or online, need clients and potential clients.  The people who make up this group for your business is called your list. 


Online email lists are the most cost efficient way to do that.


For years I snail mailed 24,000 people every 3 months.  That was expensive…there was the client list, the bought mailing list, printing and postage, but, it paid off.




History shows that a business that continues to advertise, continues to flourish, during good economic times and bad.




Today, with the internet and FREE email, it is EASY to grow a list.  You just have to set a path and be consistent.  THEN…you need to value your clients and keep them.


Once you have a client, you want to keep them!  Do you have any customer service horror stories…where the person you were working with only cared about you for the money you could provide and didn’t really listen?  Luckily, most health coaches are good listeners.


Join our webinar – Mentoring Monday to find out how to keep them.



Learn more about list building:




Check out this blog…that is linked to several other blogs with list building content. 


Remember, once you have clients…you want to help them and keep them.  You do this by listening and over delivering.


Join me for our Mentoring Monday for how to deliver and over deliver.


Share your list building tactics and how you over deliver in the comments below!



  1. Jami

    I really needed this and plan on.following up with the other blogs and webinars. I don’t have a lot of funds for advertising, so I have to make the effort to learn as much free advertising as possible and perfect my customer service skills. Thanks for posting such helpful content.

  2. Ashlie

    Great stuff! I have recently implemented more efficient ways of staying in contact with the different areas that people join the list. I have found when I have more systems in place to nurture my list, I have more time to work with people one on one. I agree that it is important to listen and over-deliver (but not to the point of overwhelm!). Thank you for this awesome information! <3

  3. becky

    I REALLY need to work on this. Thanks for the reminder to make it a priority. Also I totally agree about the importance of KEEPING your clients once you have them. retention is key!

  4. Johanna

    Thanks Cathy! I will plan to attend your webinar on Monday.

  5. Breana Guinan

    List building is something I just recently started to learn about! I can’t wait to learn more! For someone that often deletes or doesn’t have time to read my emails, this whole list thing doesn’t seem like it would work, but everyone says it’s key to getting loyal customers. I’m in!

  6. Sue Johnson

    I also overlook emails that I get on lists for. Sometimes I open them and sometimes I don’t. I’ll usually look at the subject line and if it looks interesting, I’ll read it, if not, I skip it. I guess that would be a good lesson in coming up with subject lines that will capture the reader’s attention. I’m excited about learning how to build and keep my list.

  7. Cynthia Djengue

    Great post Cathy – actually going to read List Building 101. I am so glad a woman from Nebraska has figured all this stuff out! Appreciate all your knowledge you share with us.


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