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I wrote a blog last year that gave 50 ways to get new customers.  Now I’m working with my new USANA team to find out how to build their businesses and get new customers and decided you all could use this information as it applies to adding quality products to your business.

There are a few ways to work these products into your business and present them to the world.  For a health coach, the most gratifying way might be to add it to your coaching programs.  We’ve added it in with our 12 Day Detox, 28 Day Slim, Sexy and Smart and even, because USANA has the health assessment – into our 6 month program.  It allows you to fill their particular needs without diagnosing and treating.  Legal and it helps EVERYONE.

You can also share it with your friends and peers.  Ask yourself, who does the business end of this stand to do the most for?  It’s the people like you – who are health coaching and need another stream of income to get by.  Having this product to build into your business is a win/win for everyone – you, your peers and all the end users.

The answer to this question is you – health coaches, personal trainers, chiropractors just getting started, massage therapists….at my gym – there is only one personal trainer left from 2 years ago.  It’s hard to get a business up and running and even if you do – it is hard to live on the hourly income alone.  That is why these are the people who you can feel good sharing this with.  Someone came to fix my security system today – he went to school with Ashlie and couldn’t afford to stay in the business and support his family – this would have allowed him to do that.  Why didn’t I tell him that?  I was too busy rebounding and catching up on my correspondence.  Having a business that provides residual income would have allowed him to continue to do what he loves, with a product that would help his customers and still be able to support his family.

If you can find a business like USANA who allows you “preferred customer pricing” without requiring distributorship, that’s even better – this way you’re filling a need rather than trading bodies or selling a company (although you want it to be a company that is impeccable).

There is online marketing – and there is brick and mortar – both ways, you’re marketing to your community.


We did a questionnaire for Building Abundance.  The conclusion with 98% of the answers is…


Many Health Coaches do not understand what goes into getting customers.
It sure sounds easy…”get a customer”….how hard can that be?  It isn’t hard…but it takes some hard work.


Health Coaching is not “get rich quick”
…I don’t think it ever will be.  It is the nature of the beast.  Health Coaching – just like most businesses requires a plan and consistent action to build and grow.


So, can you just “get a customer”?
Well, you could brainstorm and call your friends…and get a customer or two.  That would be good to start.  You tell them you would appreciate their referrals and ask if there is someone they know who could use your services.  If every customer could get you 2 customers…you will grow.  It REALLY is that simple.


But it will take a while.

I have an affiliate…who posted my opt in.  She then boosted the post (I have a GREAT optin – Health Coach University).


She got about 240 optins and then she panicked.  I don’t know how much she spent to boost and get 240 optins…if it costs her what it cost me…I can get 9 opt-ins for $1.00 on Facebook.    Maybe it cost her $30.


It takes a while to convert those opt-ins to sales.  This is very soft selling.  You just keep in contact with them until they are ready to purchase.  Very comfortable, you give free information, wait until they are ready…and when they are ready, you are there, ready to help them.  If she had been consistent, growing the optins consistently and without fail, she would start seeing a return in about 3 months…and that return will grow, and grow and grow.


As long as she continues to promote the opt-in.
Then, she would have a steady income of sales from an automated system.  this is where I see most people fail, you stop.  You get scared and stop…and all these little starts…add up to nothing.


We had another partner who was doing Facebook advertising.  They measured their success by appointment.  In online marketing, that’s just nuts – that’s not how it works.  You grow your community – you give them value and when they’re ready – they’ll let you know.  You don’t have to shove things down people’s throats.  Successful online marketing gives and gives and gives.


The secret is:

b e    c o n s i s t e n t

and don’t give up.  Make a plan and stick with it.


b e    p a t i e n t
Join us in Building Abundance and Online Marketing Mastery and I will show you how.  (starts this Monday)


  1. #1 Most Important – know who your client is – narrow your niche – find out where your IC is and know what they need.  Do your market research.
  2. Develop a clear offer that fills their need
  3. Develop a free offering that makes it irresistible to opt-in
  4. Locate and contact local businesses who serve the same market -ex – gyms, spas, beauty shops, doctors, whole food stores, vitamin stores, ………….
  5. Locate and contact online businesses who serve the same market – same examples but spread to celebrity type people – like Mark Hyman, Kris Carr…………….
  6. Talk to corporations, churches, schools about offering your services to their employees, congregation, students.  Be sure to provide benefits to the host company (corp, church…..)
  7. Develop a referral program to reward existing customers, friends, peers for sharing your information and sending new people your way.
  8. Develop an affiliate program to offer peers, jv partners an additional revenue stream for offering your services/products.
  9. Offer to provide letters, emails, advertisements to and for JVPartner’s (JOINT VENTURE) to share with their following.  (This grew my list during the Club Med promotion)
  10. Develop a program to turn existing clients into repeat customers.
  11. Get in the news – create a public relations campaign. Offer to write a column for your local newspaper or local companies.
  12. Blog, provide free content and nurture the list you have.
  13. Stick flyers at local businesses.
  14. Join Facebook Groups who’s members are your ideal client.
  15. Create a Facebook Group of your own to develop your own community.
  16. Advertise in Facebook
  17. Direct Mail
  18. Newspaper or Community news advertising.
  19. Participate in Trade Events
  20. Guest Blog for Businesses who share your Ideal Client
  21. Network – locally and online
  22. Make Calls – call 10 people a day and talk to them about your business – could be cold – but could be warm too.  Make a list of 10 people who might have access to your IC’s.
  23. Spruce up your website
  24. Get your online sales funnel set up (see our course Online Marketing Mastery for step by step direction)
  25. Nurture and develop your existing list
  26. Donate a program to silent auctions and charities
  27. Volunteer at a coordinating program, Non-Profit – like “Get Moving New York”
  28. Position Yourself as the expert through blogs, guest interviews
  29. Be the person who connects – Connect people with what they need – if you don’t have what they need – send them to the person who does.
  30. BUILD PARTNERSHIPS AND reciprocal business sharing
  31. Follow up on EVERYTHING – if someone likes your post – email or message them.  If they asked about your programs, follow up.  Make sure you’ve had one on one contact through the process.
  32. Offer free introductory calls (15 minutes or less)
  33. Use social media wisely:  FACEBOOK – women, younger – but not exclusive to.  LINKEDIN – business oriented adults – great for corporate clients.  TWITTER – more male than female  PINTEREST – higher income women  INSTAGRAM – teens primarily.  This is overall – not exclusive to.  Use social media more for social – not for selling.  You can gather your following here – sell through emails.
  34. Have an “Open House”
  35. Have a webinar – (this is great for list building)
  36. Offer mini trial periods.
  37. Offer gift certificates.
  38. Get into directories
  39. Run classified ads
  40. Run display advertising (it’s worked for me – tested it and got 1 doctor and 3 middle aged women)
  41. Flyers
  42. Workshops
  43. Run a competition _ example Healthy Habits – winner gets prize (make it good enough to drive participation)
  44. Speak at events
  45. Sponsor events
  46. Toastmasters – and a must – Your Chamber of Commerce
  47. Expand on partnerships, referrals and relationships – create a “Map” (Mind Meister is free)  of relationships to expand your network
  48. Add CTA’s (call to actions) to everything you put out
  49. Offer discounts in return for feedback
  50. Participate in groups on social media, where your ideal client will be asking questions. Be sure to follow group rules so you aren’t kicked out.

Sales Techniques to Increase Your #s

  1. Bundle your programs/products – example – put Essential Oils with the 12 Day Detox  offer combo 12 DDT and Healthy Habits – Kick Start and Forever
  2. Upsell – sell something that your present customers could use
  3. Develop Reward Programs for continued enrollment
  4. Value Added – offer a kitchen makeover free with 6 months of coaching.
  5. Give free samples (products or an appt)
  6. Over deliver
  7. Offer premier customer service

Share your tips!  You have to have some – I sat down and brainstormed 50 – let’s see if we can get up to 100!  Discuss in the comments below.



  1. Janet Dyroff

    Nice Cathy, thank you. The secret part is what really hit me on the head as I read……back on the horse……

  2. Ainul

    Connie, these are some good insights about how to chngae your life with life coaching.Anyone who wants to undertand how they can chngae their life can watch this for insights into this topic.Well done!

  3. Dinesh

    This Is something new i saw. i like that techniques .
    keep up the good works


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