Gardening with a Health Coach


Gardening with a Health Coach

Podcast 47

Welcome back to another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today Cathy talks with long time Health Coach Group customer Tara Gesling. Tara is an author and health coach who understands what it means to have a challenging life but truly believes in the importance of gardening and the power of simplifying, especially when it comes to food.   

In this episode, Cathy and Tara discuss the following:

  • Tara’s background and why she became a health coach
  • Why Tara believes everyone should garden
  • Why we should view food as fuel for our bodies
  • The value of growing food organically without any chemicals
  • The impact of insecticides and pesticides
  • How to design a garden with companion planting  
  • How plants communicate with other living organisms, including us
  • Creative ways to create an affordable garden
  • The importance of soil testing when building a garden
  • The significance of understanding our gut mirrors the soil of our food   
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During her 20’s, Tara unexpectedly began to suffer from a wide range of illnesses and was even diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease. She was wheelchair bound for 5 years and grew frustrated with not knowing what was wrong with her. After several years, Tara realized the root cause of her ailments were tied to food and poisons. She learned the value of simplifying and turned to farming her own food. Today, she is a “soil farmer” and helps others understand the importance of gardening and actively participating when it comes to choosing what food we eat!


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