Functional Medicine with Dr Gailla Strong

Functional Medicine with Dr Gailla Strong

Podcast 08

Welcome to Health Coach Conversations! Today we have a unique guest on the show, Dr. Gailla Strong, a functional medical doctor is here. She discusses her background in functional medicine, what drew her to that field, and how you as a health coach can be an important asset to that type of practice! In this episode Cathy talks about the following:

  • Traditional medicine, integrative medicine, alternative, and functional medicine.
  • How to team up with a doctor in your area as a health coach.   
  • Care not covered by insurance – when they need that help they’ll come in.     
  • Reviews and online reputation.    
  • Importance of overall health.  
Just as humans are all biochemically and genetically unique, medical complications can also manifest uniquely in each individual. Functional medicine strives to look at the body as a whole to get a better understanding of the bigger picture. Traditional medicine can miss things, and though it isn’t ideal to just give up on traditional medicine by adding in these other functional methods it becomes easier to see a clearer picture of what is happening and how to treat that specific individual. The ideal world of medicine would include looking at each patient as a whole unit instead of just focusing on the one body part that is showing symptoms.  

Health coaches can be very beneficial for doctors throughout all types of medicine. But particularly teaming up with an integrative or functional medicine doctor can help those patients stay on track with their overall health needs, as well as help educate those patients on why health, diet, and nutrition is so important to their overall health. You can call or email offices in your area and explain how and why you can help them as a health coach, offer them a lunch meeting to talk about your success and experience as a health coach and why you feel that a partnership would be a good fit.

Listen To Episode 8 Below:

Things Mentioned In This Episode:

Genova Organix Acids Test
Dutch Test – Comprehensive Hormone Test
Dr. Mercola
Zoom  (HIPPA compliant video conferencing.)

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website


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