Health Coaching Business Model – Fun and Games


Health Coaching Business Model – Fun and Games

Podcast 44

Today, Cathy talks with Francesca about her relationship with her customers and how she involves play and fun in her coaching model. Francesca is a member of the Health Coach Group and focuses on using humor, lightheartedness, kindness, and compassion to build her coaching business.    

In this episode, Cathy and Francesca discuss the following:

  • How one on one coaching benefits your business
  • How Francesca narrowed down her niche market
  • How to use games and live streams to engage people
  • The importance of giving as a health coach
  • The most effective way to teach a client
  • Why Francesca uses different themes for her events
  • The value of understanding the best way to coach is to go out and do it    


After working in real estate for years, Francesca eventually realized the need for a healthier lifestyle. She became a health coach as a way to live life more fully and tries to approach everything with more fun. As a health coach, she understands how overwhelming change and transition can be for clients. Francesca believes one of the best approaches she’s taken as a coach is to break down bigger challenges into smaller tasks and to show clients they can laugh and enjoy the ride!  

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Listen To Episode 44 Below:

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Book- Co-Active Coaching

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Health Coach Group Website


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