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With Clever Ideas

The most successful advertising is often the most clever.  So, have you gotten into a rut with your advertising?  Expand your marketing with clever ideas to make it fun, eye-catching, and profitable. To be recognized in the vast world of online marketing, your brand has to be so compelling to your target market that they can’t resist it. It shouldn’t need to be said that you are building your list daily.  List building should be a system set up and running routinely year-round.  If you aren’t already doing this – get into our Inner Circle Membership and sign up for Online Marketing Mastery. Get ideas from looking at other company’s marketing – don’t copy, but watch and learn. Many businesses use “Behind the Scenes” to gain your interest and your trust.  See Disney (behind the scenes park), Schlitz Beer (how we brew). Movies are always using photography and film to show how things really happen, or funny outtakes.  You can do the same – a campaign of “behind the scenes with a juicer”, or a full week of assorted and fun shares. Lululemon does weekly yoga as a free offering in their store.  How clever is that!  Bringing in their ideal client and surrounding them with their products for however long their yoga sessions last. Referrals, referrals, referrals – THE best way to build your business.  Ask your family, friends, and customers for referrals and watch your business grow.  Send them a gift – something frivolous and fun to get and they will remember to refer you again.

Referrals, referrals, referrals – THE best way to build your business.  Ask your family, friends, and customers for referrals and watch your business grow.  Send them a gift – something frivolous and fun to get and they will remember to refer you again.

     Creative Marketing Ideas

Clever moves are limited only by your imagination.

Sign up bonuses can be the tipping factor.  Sit down and list out all the ideas you can come up with to persuade new members to sign up.  For a Cleanse Membership:  dry brush, journal, oils, juicing e-book, mini recipe book, ….the list can be limited only by your imagination.

A webinar to walk your prospective members through your membership offerings and how it works so they can visualize their investment. A BETA offer can introduce your new product, service or membership to the world at a discount, with extra attention, and with a little breathing space for you.  People in Beta expect to give you feedback and testimonials at the end, don’t feel shy asking for both in advance. Start building your community ahead of time.  Put together a free Facebook Group, do a workshop, lunch and learn or a little lesson at your local gym, spa or doctor’s office.

If you currently have a marketing plan in place, share below in the comments.  Outline your current system and let us know some of the “parts” you’d like to change.  Sometimes it’s better to tweak a few things than to start all over.

This should get you started!  If you’re in the Membership Beta, I’ll have a longer list and a step by step for you in the group this week!

     Further Reading

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Adapted and republished from April, 2017


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  1. Lynne

    Very helpful. Some great ideas I will try to implement.

    • Cathy

      Let me know how it goes Lynne.

  2. Susan Mary Malone

    This just reminded me that I’d intended to do a webinar a few years ago, and promptly forgot about it. Thank you, Cathy! Time for me to get on the stick!

    • Cathy

      Yes, those webinars are easy to forget!

  3. Beverley

    One of the most powerful ways I find to build my base is by referrals. Being part of a much larger team with a well-known and prominent industry leader, helps get people interested to start. The key is always the results people experience and then how they share that experience with others who hopefully want some of what they’ve experienced. I haven’t ventured into webinars, but with all the resource material we have in our team, there is always something to share to help empower people to take their health to the next level! Our complimentary health assessment is a great free tool that gives immediate feedback too! Thanks for the tips, Cathy!

  4. Tamuria

    Great tips, Cathy. I offered two free arts and crafts workshops for kids during the last school holidays to reintroduce myself and celebrate reopening my school. That move really helped spread the word about my classes with lots of referrals. Next week I’m volunteering to run a workshop for 30 kids aged 3 -5 (Am I mad?) at my granddaughters’ day care centre. I’m handing out fliers offering all families who use that day care an exclusive discount for my regular classes.

    • Cathy

      Haha – yes, you may be mad, but I bet it will be fun and rewarding. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lori English

    Great tips on offering on referrals and adding classes . I really glad to see a fresh approach since I am in the midst of upgrading my site . This is a great way to get others to engage in your business adventures, Thank you, Loved it.

    Lori English

    • Cathy

      Thanks, Lori and good luck with your site, you need to share it when it’s ready.

  6. Candess M Campbell

    This is inspiring for me today Cathy as I am planning some specials for Mother’s Day! I think it would be a good idea for me to film one of my psychic readings so those who are curious and would like to schedule with me have a better idea of what to expect.

  7. Joyce Hansen

    Thanks Cathy for suggesting the Beta Offer. It takes the pressure off having to make use your product is perfect the first time you offer it. I especially like the idea of getting feedback and testimonials early on.

  8. Reba Linker

    Wonderful tips, Cathy. Love the behind the scenes idea, and the sign-up bonus. Very useful post for me as I launch into promoting my new online community, AtoZ Healing Space.

  9. Teresa Salhi

    Lululemon’s free yoga class is brilliant for sure. In the online market I have done many things such as you mentioned and continue to explore more ideas. I have also hosted and participated in telesummits – another great list building opportunity. Keep the ideas coming – really appreciate it!

  10. Sonya Kolodziejska

    Ohhhh these are some great ideas to implement. I am trying to do too much just now, need to scale it down and see what’s working.

    • Cathy

      Yes Sonya, we could all learn to scale back a little.

  11. Apolline Adiju

    Wow, these are really good tips, Cathy! My most favorite ( which I am practicing right now) are introducing a BETA version of your product and creating a facebook group.


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