Essential Oils with Programs

Podcast 64

Whether you’re looking to improve your spiritual, mental, or physical health, chances are an essential oil exists to help you feel better. Cathy’s daughter Ashlie Pappas shares why she supplements health coaching programs with essential oils and how offering oils in your coaching business will benefit you in several ways!    

In this episode, Cathy and Ashlie discuss the following:

  • The benefits Ashlie has experienced using essential oils 
  • How Ashlie uses essential oils to enhance health and wellness programs 
  • How to sell oils with different coaching programs
  • Different ways you can increase your income with an MLM company 
  • Ashlie’s experience using doTERRA to supplement coaching programs 
  • The importance of understanding you can offer as little or as many essential oils in your  program as you think are needed  

After being told she is considered disabled and to prepare herself for a sedentary lifestyle, Ashlie turned to essential oils as a way to improve her overall health. She is currently a certified health coach who enjoys educating others on the many benefits of essential oils.


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