Entrepreneur – A Success Story

Entrepreneur – A Success Story

Podcast 59

Starting a business can actually be very stressful for health and wellness practitioners and coaches. However, if you put the right systems in place and approach business with a clear direction, you’ll be on your way to being a successful entrepreneur! 

In this episode, Cathy and Pat discuss the following:

  • Why it’s easier to find a rhythm vs. balance for your business and family life 
  • The power of being present and having clarity for what to focus on in your business
  • How you can find space and differentiate yourself in your niche market  
  • The importance of working hard and focusing on what you enjoy and what energizes you
  • 3 Factors of simplifying business: Attract, convert, deliver  
  • 3 Tips for creating an ideal business 

From fitness centers to franchises and everything in between, Pat Rigsby has tons of valuable experience building businesses that deliver what clients want. He shares 3 tips for how to simplify your process and 3 ways to create your ideal business.     

3 Questions for Simplifying Your Business

  • Are you attracting the people who need your services?
  • How can you educate them to convert them to clients?
  • Are you meeting people where they are and delivering what they need?

3 Tips for Creating an Ideal Business 

  • Know where you want to go so you can be proactive instead of reactive. 
  • Develop a systematic approach that helps you identify and achieve your goals.
  • Employ the attract, convert, and deliver format to help keep things simple.

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