Email Copy with Francis Nayan
Podcast 128

Building an email list is vital for any health coaching business and the messages you send to your list might be the first time a potential client meets you. Francis Nayan believes first impressions are key, breaks down what your email sequences should include and why telling your story is the simplest and most powerful way to connect with your clients and get the email opens you want! 

In this episode, Cathy and Francis discuss: 

  • The secret to consistent email opens
  • Tips for an introductory email and welcome sequence: white listing request, showcasing your story, open loop strategy 
  • Details about Francis’ services for email copy and email marketing
  • Communicating your personal story to increase email engagement
  • Why authenticity and vulnerability are the most profitable stories
  • What to include in your bio and elevator pitch
  • Showcasing your why

Hey I’m Francis!

I’m an email copywriter for coaches and e-commerce businesses who want to make more money with engaging personal copy, and my C.A.S.H.E Money Method of Email Marketing.

Over the years, I’ve helped businesses grow from being another ‘hay needle in a haystack’ to mammoth money-makers with cult-like followings by creating story-based copy and customized email marketing strategies making their customers feel like they’re friends for life…

You can check out my site here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “It’s not like you would meet someone and then automatically invite them to a wedding…It’s always important to have a good impression and to introduce yourself.” 
  • “Authenticity is crucial. Showcase what really makes you authentic and what makes you vulnerable because those are the most profitable stories…show the rough edges and that you’re not just some social media robot posting nice photos of yourself and saying everything’s fine…”

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    Stories and Copy

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