Brooklyn Doctor Discusses CoVid19, Immunity, and Health Coaches

Podcast 95

COVID19 has created a pressing need for health coaches like never before. Dr. Rhonda Cambridge-Phillip joins Cathy to share the power of resiliency and different ways health coaches can support their clients and global community to stay healthy as our “new normal” develops and changes daily.    

In this episode, Cathy and Rhonda discuss the following:

  • Why Rhonda focuses on her clients’ proactive wellness and community health  
  • The impact of COVID19 on emotional and mental health
  • The huge need and power of self care during isolation
  • What the pandemic has taught about how quickly change can happen
  • The evolving impact of COVID19 on children and what we can learn 
  • Top tips for building immunity that most people don’t consider   
  • Warning against a false sense of security and adapting to the “new normal”
  • How health coaches can help their community by promoting healthy lifestyle habits  

Tips for Boosting Your Immunity 

  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Sleep 
  • Stress management activities 
  • Sunshine and vitamin D     

Years ago, Rhonda decided being a physician and a health coach would allow her to enjoy the best of both worlds in giving her patients the best care possible. Now more than ever, she believes health coaches serve an important role in helping clients adopt healthy lifestyle habits and can serve as liaisons with traditional doctors on the frontline. 


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    Health Coach Group Website


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