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Well, I am up to my nose in making plans for health coaches to share all their valuable abilities with doctors.  So when I was trying to come up with a new blog topic…it was the most reasonable thing to talk about AGAIN…because it is every place around me and ….Why not tell you what I am thinking?

The great thing about The Health Coach Group has been our collaboration and closeness to coaches.  We get everything we do from you.

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In 2011 when I decided to work with coaches…this is where we started.  After meeting 1000’s of unemployed health coaches who were just dying to work with clients….I decided that this is what I could give to the world.  It is something that I did well and health coaches were missing.  We started out and …I am not kidding you…I ran an advertisement on a Sunday (this was my first toe into marketing health coaching)  – I went to church on Sunday morning, came back and there was an email from a local doctor who wanted a health coach to work with him.



I got a little sidetracked over the last couple years.  We did lots of research…and still have it.

I created programs…lots of programs…for coaches to use with their clients.

We created business education…so health coaches who need jobs – that aren’t there – can go out and create their own businesses – RESPONSIBLY.

We created a software company … so you could deliver our programs without having to hire 3 people to hand them out, email to support and a marketing firm to support you.

We expanded on that software company so it would offer websites that are ready to get out and make you money – the next week!

We created a marketing course to teach you how to market all this.

We created a collaborative environment and events to build up the health coaching community.

Then, we created a full package the sets up your entire business for you.

(BOY – we have been busy)

So what is next?  WELL…it is time to go back to where we began.

This is the amazing thing… everything we did over the last few years has put us in an incredibly strong place to get this going in a way that we never could have done before.

We have been growing our health coach data base all this time.  It is strong and getting stronger.

There is an interest.  I sent out a short email looking for interest and had nearly 500 responses in less that 24 hours.

We are in a position now, we know what we are talking about, we have exclusive tools to do this thing right.

So…what would it look like?

Weeeelllll…I’ve studied it a bit.  We have 4 different business models and because of the special tools we hold, we can offer and expand on the successful models that have already been tried and studied.

There are case studies.  ALL have been successful.

There is a variance in how lucrative these different plans have been for the doctor and the health coach.

There are numbers to support that health coach/physician partnership is the answer to a number of issues –

  1. We create jobs for health coaches.
  2. We create internships for health coaches
  3. Patients who get too little attention from doctors will receive what they need.
  4. Doctors who have just about run out of time and are making less money than ever will have new ways to active and passive revenue streams.
  5. Patients who could have prevented disease with better lifestyle choices will have the education they need.
  6. Doctors who would rather be independent and stay away from the insurance and/or hospital umbrella will have an alternative.
  7. Patients who are in pre-crisis or crisis will get the added education, attention and accountability needed.
  8. More money for health coaches, doctors and savings to patients…win-win-win
  9. More opportunity for health coaches, some needed relief for doctors, better health for patients … win-win-win-win-win-win

Stay tuned because we are gaining momentum and we have the instruments, expertise and credibility necessary to create that new layer in health care that everyone desperately needs.

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What are some of your experiences with the health care system and how do you think a coach would have made your experience different?  I hope you are excited for this as I am.



  1. Stephanie

    Hi Cathy, I am very much interested in working with doctors.
    What do I need to do?
    My phone number is 917 470 5997.

    Thank You in Advance,
    Stephanie Johnson

    • Rana Atassi

      I am a health coach and doing the life coach right now. I am looking to work with doctors and some referral partners.
      What is the first step to take to work with a doctor? Do I need to call his office or do I need to have an appointment with him .. I live in a very small town and I am not sure if the health coaching has been heard off

      Please help

  2. Sandi

    I am interested in learning more.

  3. Teri Walker

    I am interested as well as I am a practitioner myself.

    • Lisa

      Hi Teri,
      I am in San Diego and have been working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner as his Lifestyle Education Assistant / Health Coach for the last 7 months. I am almost finished with my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification from IIN out of New York.
      I am having to look for another practitioner to work with as the Doctor is going to be moving to Utah and ,due to family commitments, I am not in a position to move with him.
      I am looking to find practitioners to work with either in their office or via Skype consultations with patients under the direction of their practitioner. Lisa Nelson

      • Teri Walker

        Lisa, I just saw this message. Do you still need help?

  4. Cathy

    So glad you’re doing this piece, Cathy. It’s so necessary and so overdue in all of our straining North American medical systems. The doctors at the clinic where I just started last month are so happy to have the nutrition piece taken off their plate, knowing they didn’t have the time and energy to do it justice beyond a few quick recommendations and links. It’s the type of integrative medicine I’ve dreamed about being involved with since my student days.

  5. Susie

    So many doctors look to recommend health coaches & nutritionists to their patients. Making lifestyle changes require consistent caring steps and attention.

  6. april

    i love this collaboration, cathy. and i think it’s long overdue. there are often questions/concerns that do not get addressed in the limited time the doctor has with each patient. this holistic care approach will eliminate that problem.

  7. Maria

    Hi Cathy
    As a Medical Intuitive – I can see the collaborative approach with the health care system would have huge benefits for clients.

    Reading this blog post gives me hope that science and energy may coexist. Thank you.

  8. Nicole

    What a great article! I dream of collaboration between health coaches and doctors. Thank you for highlighting something so important.

  9. Michelle

    You are doing such great things in encouraging this collaboration, Cathy! The medical world will benefit immensely by embracing your innovative ideas.

  10. Cynthia

    Interesting to see this. I think a registry could be helpful if persons are screened well and have specialties. What type of registry are you planning to integrate? My best friend is a naturopathic doctor and she has been a great referral source.

  11. Patti & Peter Rugg

    Applause, Applause Cathy! This is a win win situation for the Doctor, Health Coach and most of all the patients and clients. Who will be empowered to lower their sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, weight, Blood Pressure, stress and so much more…. Naturally.

  12. Lisa Nelson

    Hi Kathy,
    I have been working for a Functional Medicine Practitioner (Chiropractor). I am his Lifestyle Education Assistant/ Health Coach. He is in San Diego at San Diego Functional Medicine.
    I am looking for more full time work with another doctor. I was working full time for this Doctor, but he may be moving his practice to Utah and I am not in the position to move at this point. I may do some work for him via skype, but I need to find a local Doctor or Alternative Medicine practitioner to work for here in the San Diego County area. I am in school at IIN out of New York and will have my full Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification in October (2015). I could use your advice and guidance as to how to best approach Doctors and Wellness centers in the pursuit of employment. Thank you for all you are doing! – Lisa Nelson [email protected]

  13. Devi

    I would love to work alongside of a dr. I have actually worked in a medical doctors office for 18 years after I received my biochemistry degree. After some time there, I went back to school (IIN) and became a health coach. The office I worked for didnt seem to be invested in the a health coach idea. Please place me on your directory, I am very interested in pursuing this.
    Devi Moss – [email protected]

  14. Sasha Clynes

    Hi Cathy,

    I would love to join a doctor’s practice in the NY area. I am a health coach, with a Master’s in Health promotion and education (Columbia University) and a certification in intrinsic coaching. I also have experience coaching employees in my current role as a wellness program specialist. Let me know if there are any opportunities. Thank you for this fantastic article! I completely agree- there is such a need for patients to have their own health coach in addition to a physician.

  15. Josephine Cooper

    Hi Cathy,
    I am very interested in joining this registry. I am a Health Coach from IIN, and also have my Bachelor’s degree in Health Communication, and am a RYT-200 Yoga Teacher. I am extremely passionate about working with doctors as a Health Coach. This article is so informative and accurate, and I would love to learn how to become connected with physicians who are interested in creating a partnership.

  16. Saleema Curtis

    Hi Cathy

    Great. I just got off the phone from calling various doctors offices, one of my marketing strategies. I’m very interested in teaming with doctors to increase better health outcomes for patients. Please contact me via email. Thanks Saleema

    • Saleema Curtis

      Hi Cathy

      This is Saleema again. I meant to share my credentials in my previous email. I have a Master’s in Public Health and Bachelor of Science in Health Education and certified as a holistic health coach with IIN.

  17. Allana Beauchamp

    I am a IIN Holistic Health and Nutritional Coach looking for a position in a Functional medicine clinic or private practice . I am also a Medical Aesthetician , Spa designer and product development creator , Clinical Herbologist , Stress Janagment Consultant , pPrivate Chef , Watsu Therapist. , Artist and a Musician
    I have a practice in Berkeley Ca and I’m willing to relocate for the right fit and opportunity . I am highly professional and have many years of experience .
    Thank you for your consideration

    • Allana

      Sorry for the typos it flew away before I was ready to send!!

  18. Vannessa Bhatia

    Hi Cathy,
    I am an IIN Health Coach looking to work with doctors in the San Diego region. Can you please help. Thanks.

    • Cathy

      Sign up in the health coach directory below and send a note to [email protected] and we’ll get you a presentation.

  19. Shari

    I am interested in partnering with a physician or a functional medicine doctor. I am a certified integrative nutrition health coach. Additionally, I have 20 years experience in education. How do I utilize this service?

  20. Cecilia

    Hello. I am interested in partnering with a physician.
    I am located in NYC and I am certified in plant based nutrition and as a health coach.

  21. Melissa Valencia

    I would love to partner with doctors and be more apart of the movement to alternative medicine. I will be graduating with my integrative nutrition health coaching certificate in January and look forward to working more with people who really need some guidence.

  22. Dawn Thomas

    Good morning, Cathy,

    I am a certified IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) Integrative Health Coach working part-time with individual clients while maintaining a full-time position. My future goal is to work full time with clients. I am very interested in working with physician practitioners. My passion is helping people whose blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar cravings are compromising their health, including overall well being. Additionally, my professional educator (Director, Special Education Services/Compliance Consultant) analytical, organization and business acumen, and most importantly, my listening and questioning skills are perfect for working with clients and physicians.
    Please add me to your registry.
    Be well,
    Dawn Michele (Thomas) [email protected]

  23. Ernestine Tucker

    I’m an IIN graduate interested in working with health professionals and joining the health coach registry. My focus is on female health and implementing wellness solutions at health professionals offices. I look forward to hearing from you.

  24. Kathleen Paulbeck, CPCC

    Hello Cathy,

    I am a 2016 Health Coach graduate of IIN, as well as a certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Federation and The Coaches Training Institute since 2014. I combine my health knowledge from the IIN, along with my professional life coaching skills, and I have been successful in working with clients to truly see what they want and the roadblocks that are getting in their way. Everyone wants to get healthy, and will agree on how to do it, but incorporating into their daily life is where the challenge always stops them.

    I specialize in supporting clients who are in serious need of lifestyle change relating to nutrition, exercise, stress management, & overall life balance. Once clients truly see their goals are attainable, my professional life coaching skills guide them and support them to be successful. I have been working with clients since 2014, conducting successful phone sessions that allow me to have clients anywhere in the United States. I have also shared my coaching skills to doctors at their conventions, and they agreed this is a great support to patients who would be interested.

    I look forward to learning more about your health coach registry and having the opportunity to discuss it further with you.

  25. Dorcas

    I am an IIN graduate interested in working with doctors. My interest is digestive health. I am very passionate about helping people adopt healthy lifestyle and I look forward to your response and more information. I am located in Washington State.

  26. Debra Moss


    I am a recent IIN graduate. I am looking to start working with practitioners. My focus is on hormonal imbalance. I help clients bring balance back into their life and health. Please let me know what resources I can access and where I can list my information. I am located near Charlotte, NC but would love to work remotely as well.

  27. Catherine Long


    I am a student at Institute of Integrative Nutrition and am about to receive my halfway certificate and am eager and excited to start working with a health practitioner. I am very passionate about gut health having been through so many gut issues myself and curing them. I am excited to work with patients and help them create healthy long lasting lifestyles for themselves. I am located in Sterling, VA and am looking forward to your response.

    • Cathy

      Hi Catherine, I’ll ask Hannah to get in touch with you and see if we can help.

    • Hannah

      Hi Catherine, First off, congrats on getting to the halfway point! I remember the excitement that came with that point when I went through IIN. I’d be happy to talk through your goals to see how we can help. We have some amazing gut programs to help you get started.

      Please contact me at [email protected] so we can find a good time to talk.

  28. Kiana Harvey


    My name is Kiana. I am a current student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and about a month into my health coaching program and I live in St. Louis, MO. I am at the place right now where I am looking for mentorship to jumpstart my career as a health coach. I know that my interest will be working with a holistic practitioner, but I have no idea where to begin. Is anybody able to provide any advice? Thanks!



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