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Did you ever spend time in introspection consciously considering your values and principles?  Then, did you ever take it a step further and actually write them down?  This would be a great valentines gift to yourself.  The ultimate in self care.  Knowing what you stand for and what you can and can’t life with.

When things don’t go well or when things are going really well and a decision needs to be made – it puts you one step up.

What do you do when you are working with someone who does not share your common values?  Well, when it’s your business – it’s your values- that’s it.  You can’t really force anyone to share your values, but they need to be well represented and if they aren’t they undermine the fabric and integrity of your business.

If you’re backed into a corner – you simply have no choice.  You have to do what you KNOW to be the right thing.

I’m thinking about this again lately as we expand.  We’ve taken another step beyond our circle of influence and with our move into providing different avenues of residual income for our coaches and ourselves with USANA and doTERRA, I think it’s time to share these and to create a joint mission statement.  I’ll be presenting these values to our new team and work on a vision and a mission statement.

THCG’s vision statement is our purpose, which is to create education, programs and business tools to help health coaches to have money making businesses.  Beyond that our vision is to be able to expand upon that and create jobs and internships for future health coaches.

THCG’s mission statement remains the same.  Our mission is to help health coaches to live their passion while creating lifestyle they love.

We’ll come up with a unified vision and mission statement with our new teams and share with you later.

What are your values?


These are The Health Coach Group’s Values, they are mine.

1. Honesty – no matter how difficult.

2. Respect for everyone including their values.

3. Responsibility to everyone.  Customers, team members, vendors, customers customers.

4. Fairness.  One persons’s best interest can’t over ride another’s regardless of circumstances.

5. Caring and Citizenship.  From small acts of kindness to client centered decisions to giving back to your community.

6.  Joy and Purpose.  Life and business should be joyful.


I bet we would save a lot of time and trouble if we completed values statements and handed them out to everyone we encounter in life and in business.

Do you think we subconsciously assess the values of others when we talk to them?

Do you think we can work or even be with people who don’t share the same values?

How is it that we are respectful of other race, cultures, etc….but so intolerant of other values like (lately religion), politics and food preference?

Do you think we can expand processes by understanding other peoples’ values or do you think that is futile?

There are a lot of little sidebars too.

Here’s my opinion – sometimes it’s to our advantage to respect each other’s difference in values.  mean that they shouldn’t be together, it just means they need to be respectful of each others’ values and make adjustments.

As a health coach you may run into this with clients.  You may have someone who doesn’t feel acknowledged unless you listen to and acknowledge the same thing every week.  Maybe something like the story about their kids that really has nothing to do with your coaching duties.  To her, she feels valued when someone acknowledges that her kids are special and unique.  To you, your values may be that she doesn’t respect your time if she’s going to talk about things that aren’t pertinent.

So who’s right?  You can both be right.  You just need to adjust.  Probably both of you.  Maybe you can coach her past that…it’s probably annoying her friends too.  If we’re respectful of other’s values, we’d all get along much better.

The secret is setting boundaries. What will you accept and what will you not?

So…this isn’t really going to answer all of your Q’s today…because …honestly, I don’t know.
Today my answer is… try your hardest to make it work, but know what you can and can not live with in your business. If you are an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have VERY high expectations of results.


The problem I’ve run into recently is people who are normally very nice people – who ordinarily would have the same values, but because of things they have going on in their lives, fear, overwhelm and really, being in crisis mode, they’re values are all skewed.

One of my strongest values is caring and citizenship.  If there’s someone else who will hurt another person to get what they want – that is a total conflict in values.  Same with honesty.  How do you trust someone after they’ve been dishonest and they won’t tell you the whole story…You can’t.  The question is – can you live with the knowledge you always have to look over your shoulder?

Maybe at a different time in my life, my answer would be different – but I really don’t want to have to watch my back all the time.  I also am not desperate, so my newest value is that I should love what I’m doing – or don’t do it.  Life is too short.

I’m wondering one other thing too.  If our communication was better, could we share our values and have them understood and persuade other people’s values?  I think that’s taking much too responsibility for things we don’t control.  What do you think?


Your Tribe

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Please join in the conversation below.  Have you ever had values issues in your personal life or business?  How do you deal with it?


  1. Renee Winne

    This is great! I have been an entrepreneur for 34 years and have had to fire many people because they would not respect the values, mission or vision that I was trying to uphold. It was difficult…but…it had to be done. I would give them 2 warnings and the 3rd time…if they don’t comply…they were gone. I didn’t want my business to get s bad reputation. Customer Service is most important to me. It is great when you have a team that share and respect the vision, mission, etc. I reward my employees when they are Duplicating my efforts and gladly uphold these values as much as I do. I have a sense of pride and protectiveness for my team. These are the people that I look at as management material. It took awhile to get my team here. But it was worth the wait!

  2. Denise

    This is a wonderful blog post. I believe if you continue to practice these values on a daily basis, you will attract clients and employees who share the same.

  3. Wendy

    I actually believe that anything the client bring to the table is pertinent to the coaching session because somehow that could also be affecting her health. And not necessarily the negative stuff, celebrations also have room in the session.

  4. Joanna

    Thought provoking…. for me, the highest value is respect for others and not jumping to conclusions about who they are. And I think when I bring it to coaching session with my curiosity – thats when the magic happens:)


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