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Do I Need a Health Coach Certification?

by | Sep 1, 2021 | 1 Business | 0 comments

I’m always helping my friends.  Can I coach without paying for an education?

Do I Need a Health Coach Certification? Education is important. If you are self-taught, then I, and many others feel like you should not be practicing.  What works for you tells you a lot; about yourself.  Education not only provides accurate wellness information, it should also teach coaching principles and business.

Scope of practice is essential. A doctor would need coaching education and a coach would need doctor’s education to be both. Then, regardless of your specialty, and if you are educated, continuing education is imperative as well.


While the health coaching industry does not provide for licensing; you still have legal and ethical guidelines.  You’re subject to the laws of your local government, national, and international laws.  There are still local and industry precedents.

That’s why it’s important to be educated.  A health coach is not allowed to diagnose and treat without a medical license.  A doctor is regulated by their licensing requirements as well as local and industry precedents.  It’s best to have a knowledgeable and trusted legal professional to call on.  The current pandemic has expanded the ability of doctors to work across state borders in the US.  So, it’s very important to understand industry standards.



“Education is not a problem.  Education is an opportunity.”

We often receive emails asking if or how to get education as a health coach.  There are many online courses as well as courses offered in local and private universities.  There are opportunities for certifications and specialized learning.  The truth is, you could put off your career forever with all the “add-on” learning opportunities that are available out there!

We offer a certification for health coaches that is a three pillar approach.  Proactive wellness, coaching, and business.  We have paid learning as well as free scholarships.

Other learning opportunities you might look into are; health coaching for personal trainers, celebrity expert lecture training , functional medicine training, coaching, plant-based training, and general health coaching as a support to medical institutions (university).


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