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Dietitian Business Coach – Libby Rothschild

Podcast 191

Knowing your ideal client is crucial for health coaches wanting to start their own business. Libby Rothchild shares tips for building your online brand, the importance of having a clear process for your clients, and why having the right mindset is key to growing your business!

In this episode, Cathy and Libby discuss: 

  • Why it’s necessary to show your face on social media 
  • The importance of creating a clear process to get the results you want for your business 
  • How to create demand by differentiating yourself and solving a specific problem  
  • Advice for when to start hiring people for your business
  • Branding your business online by knowing your target market and their pains 
  • Why mindset is crucial to running a seven figure virtual business 
  • Why Libby shifted from being a clinical dietitian to helping others grow their online business
  • Understanding the communication skills needed to share what you know with clients
Libby Rothschild is the founder and CEO of Dietitian Boss™, a sales & marketing expert, and a business coach. Libby grew her company Dietitian Boss™️ from a side business into a full time 7 figure company within 16 months of operation, while still holding her 9-5 clinical dietician job. She has been featured in major publications, spoken at universities around the world, and continues to educate and share her passion for helping others grow their online businesses.
Memorable Quotes:

  • “Building the know, like, and trust factor will support growing your community building relationships and differentiating yourself from your competition.” 
  • “Whether you decide to scale through your intellectual property or not, that’s a choice you can make as a business owner, but you will need a process and you’ll need some kind of method or formula or framework as to how you get clients results.” 
  • “I recommend branding your business by thinking about who you want to serve and thinking first about the problem.”
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