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Culture of Care with Chandler Walker

Podcast 169

Sales calls don’t have to be full of pressure to perform and close every client the first time you speak with them. Chandler Walker shares how to shift the sales landscape from one-call closing to compassion and care! 

In this episode, Cathy and Chandler discuss: 

  • How to detach from the need to sell and avoiding sales resistance  
  • Connecting the Dots vs. needing to solve a problem for a customer
  • Advice for taking the pressure off during a sales conversation 
  • The number one thing that creates a buyer’s mindset in prospects 
  • Working through objections and becoming a challenging leader 
  • Why a good writer is often a good sales person 
  • Changing the landscape of sales to focus on compassion and care 
  • 9 Step Framework of Compassion Conversations 
  • Details about Compassion Conversations and the Sales and Copy Academy for coaches 
    • 1st step is learning how to detach from the beam itself
    • 2nd step is learning how to become a challenge and leader
    • 3rd step learning how to discover how to become a cognitive questioner
Since the beginning, Chandler has been a fitness professional forgoing a med school pathway to scale a gym and an online health coaching business. After growing the company to a very high level and doing well over 4000 high ticket sales conversations with prospects Chandler discovered a method that didn’t require traditional sales techniques. It focused on therapeutic aspects of communication and three key areas:

  1. Becoming a Cognitive Questioner
  2. Building the Model of the Challenging Leader
  3. Detaching from the need to sell

He called this method Compassion Conversations and is now focused on helping other health coaches and healers ditch the old sales model and learn to feel good about sales, detach from the need to sell, and ultimately find their true value in their voice.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “We can come into the conversation with just the idea that we’re here to serve. We’re here to help. We’re here to create a valuable conversation with another human being.” 
  • “Copy is sales and sales is copy. So if you can learn to express the emotions of your clients, express the emotions of your prospects, if you can learn to write and work through a conversation, the written word manifests itself to be able to display that in spoken word.” 
  • “You can ditch the one-call close mentality. You can ditch the idea of objection handling, assuming the close and just have a good conversation with somebody where you understand their place of pain to connect the dots to how it manifests in the past and you understand how that creates a poor future for them.”
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