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Call to Action

What and Why?


A CTA, or call to action is imperative in any kind of marketing.  It is imperative in online marketing.  A Call to action tells your prospect what they should do.  It is designed to provoke an immediate response.


People don’t know what to do unless you tell them.  So never do anything – not a webinar, a direct mail piece, an email, a blog post, a sales page – nothing should be without a call to action.


#1 Buy Now

#2 Read More

#3 Click Here

#4  Download

#5  Subscribe

#6 Like/Share/Comment

#7  Learn More



A call to action should be preceded by a strong statement to give your prospect the incentive to sign up.


Hurry!  Final Opportunity to Join our Weight Loss Group  with a FREE Reset Bonus!  Value $129.95 and it’s FREE today only.


#8  Join Now


or it can be kind of sweet and subtle – but still VERY compelling:


#9  GO!


Really, this stresses the importance of a strong opt-in offer – this cute ad makes me what to get some romantic date night ideas.   The graphic, the idea, the promise of the potential is all so appealing.



Our Online Marketing Mastery can help you set up the Opt-in all the way from coming up with the idea, creating the give away, creating the form and the free opt-in sales page, promoting the free opt-in – analyzing the results and then ….nurturing your list.  NOTHING HAPPENS WITH OUT AN OPTIN THOUGH.




#10 Comment Below  

Join in the conversation – what opt-in works best for you?  Has there ever been a time that you have not had a call to action because it felt uncomfortable?



  1. Shellie Bolyard

    Thank you for these important reminders. Sometimes the things we think are common sense, really aren’t 🙂 I have gone through OMM and highly recommend it!

  2. Bettina

    I am about to launch a program… so useful to know and will incorporate it straight away!

  3. Marian

    Incorporating CTA’s has been something missing from past marketing. It is a skill I’m developing, however, I have noticed a lot more response after incorporating more of them! here’s to learning more!

  4. Lynne Wadsworth

    Incorporating CTA’s are so important. Thanks for the reminder and re-emphasizing this important fact.


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