Creative Ideas for Marketing – Facebook Live – Karen Wright

Creative Ideas for Marketing –  Facebook Live

Podcast 20

Welcome back for another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today, we’re talking about expanding your marketing with clever ideas. I have Karen Wright who is a health coach that is a functional nutritionist, studying to be an herbalist. On September 11, 2001, Karen was covered with debris and doctors did not diagnose her properly. She went on her own journey to understand how the toxins impacted her health, and now she helps other people who are exposed to environmental toxins, mold, or people who are sick but doctors tell there’s nothing wrong with them.  

Cathy and Karen discuss the following:

  • Most common environmental toxins
  • “Sick Build” and how buildings are not truly toxin-free or mold-free
  • Air tests for buildings
  • Making your home a sanctuary and safe haven from toxins
  • Suggestions about carpet, tile, rugs, drapery
  • Materials used in buildings and in furniture and how they impact our health
  • How to study herbalism, naturopathy, functional nutritionist
  • The importance of our liver and detoxification

Listen To Episode 20 Below:


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