Creative Ideas for Marketing – Results- with Pamela Bilfeld

Creative Ideas for Marketing – Results- Pamela Bilfeld

Podcast 21

Welcome back for another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today, Cathy talks with health coach Pam Bilfeld, who has been doing a lot of creative marketing using free social media platforms like Instagram. Pam went to IIN in 2011 and has narrowed down her health coaching market to men and women aged 40 and older. She has completed the Robbins-Madanes Life Coaching Course and also took some online continuing medical education courses on nutrition and tools for healthy change through the Harvard Medical School. Pam and Cathy discuss Pam’s journey as a health coach and the benefits of using other online platforms for your coaching business.  

  • Pam’s health coaching background and the Robbins-Madanes program
  • Instagram, and how it helps get her name out there.

Listen To Episode 21 Below:

Things Mentioned In This Episode:
Robbins-Madanes Training
Harvard Medical School

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website


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