30% Off Done-For-You Programs

We are right in the midst …more than that….we are BUZZING right now with new programs for you.

The Inner Circle is getting 2 new programs (FREE to Inner Circle Members)

  • Corporate Wellness Suite
  • 12 Week Life Coaching Program

We are also working on a Physician-Health Coach Partnering System – which includes :

  • Monthly Partnered Health Coaching

We have a pretty good system going now, as a matter of fact, part of the Corporate Wellness Suite will be instruction for customizing for client needs.

So, how do you create a strong program that will allow you to do some online coaching?

Let’s take a step back and remember WHY health coaches would want to run online programs.

It is PASSIVE income.  The kind of income that is not reliant on the number of hours you work.



You want a good delivery program. That is why we created DSD.  It is simple and you can easily set up your own programs on it.  If not…we have all our programs preloaded for you and ready to be purchased and delivered – we do it for you.  Otherwise, you can load them up in a system like Amazon S3 or Vimeo and your website and release them on a timed auto responder.


Decide on your topic.  You want to be sure it is something that your ideal client is willing to spend their hard earned money on.  You can use one of ours,  or come up with one of your own.


Choose your format. This is my favorite part.  Are you going to use videos, ppts, pdfs, audio…or something else.  I like a combination because it gives every learning style support.  It also reinforces each other.  Make sure it is branded consistently to your business so when they see your program…they associate it with you.  It should represent you.  Don’t get too busy.  This is one of the most important things I work on ALL the time – keeping it clean and not junking up the look.

If you have our programs – we will do this for you (for an extra charge) or we show you how to do it yourself.


Okay, here is the time consuming part (doesn’t have to be)….start writing.  If you have the Inner Circle Membership, use our programs, alone and as they are, or combined to make your very own signature program…or bits and pieces and add some here and there……………OR just start fresh.  When I need to create a lot of content, I sign up for 750 words a day and make that my first step of the day.  I did A LOT of that starting out.  When it came time to make our programs…most of my content was already created.


This is THE most important part.  EDIT, EDIT, EDIT.  Our programs go through 3 editors just to be sure.  It doesn’t matter if you write it all new or just copy and paste…sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest boo-boos.  If you can’t afford an editor…trade.  Find three mastermind partners or team members who will edit yours in return for you editing theirs.  Don’t edit your own.


THEN…when you have it ready to go – MARKET, MARKET, MARKET (another lesson).

Are you using online programs to create new revenue streams?  Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


Check out DSD.

Check out The Inner Circle.

Check out Physician-Health Coach 12 Week Weight Loss

Confused about what is right for you?  Set up a strategy session to figure out where you are, where you want to be…and how we can help you get there.



  1. Sue Ann Gleason

    I love, love, love my online programs but in the eight years I’ve been running them I have never been able to generate ‘passive’ income. I’m sure that’s because I tend my groups deeply and when I’m not running a program I’m most likely seeding the next. Great tips, Cathy, particularly number five. I like the idea of having a mastermind team for exchanging edit work.

  2. Tommy Nicholas

    Have you seen Nudge? They make this really, really easy – check out nudgeyourself.com. You can get your clients set up tracking their fitness with any wearables or data sources they use, sync them, and then see it all on one platform (Nudge Coach). Seems to be getting some traction from what I’ve seen.

  3. Cathy

    This is good timing for me, Cathy. I’m just thinking through the steps and delivery for the Beta version of my program. (I’m testing 1:1 with the idea of co-creating something I’ll use 1:many and possibly evergreen.) Glad to have this checklist to keep me on track. Number 2 is the big key for me. Once you figure out what people want, the rest falls into place…

  4. Dana

    Great post Cathy, as I contemplate my next move as I return to working. Love #5 as well. Thanks for great content as always.

  5. Cynthia

    The marketing. You have a huge group to market to. This is great for persons with a large audience. Programs have to be geared to the audience. I think the mastermind is helpful, and finding someone to edit yours in exchange for theirs. Thanks for great tips! A full time job in itself.

  6. Patti & Peter Rugg

    Wonderful blog on all your updates, programs and tips to help us build a great business. Thank you Cathy!


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