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A vision board can be made of  poster board.  You can collect pictures you have torn out of old magazines and make a collage.  You can also use new technology, like Photoshop and make a virtual vision board from images you collect online.  A vision board can also be a simple drawing that is an illustration of hopes and dreams.

By surrounding yourself with images of what you dream of doing, achieving or becoming, you manifest change by reminding yourself daily with the visual aid of the images.

The vision board you see here, may be dreaming of going back to school, ceasing cigarette smoking, spending more time playing with her children, eating a healthier diet, running and rewarding herself more.

Vision boards serve to add clarity and remembrance of your big hopes and goals by creating a visual aid.

Before you start your vision board, clarify your goals…what you would like to change in your life and what you would like to improve.  If you have been journaling, this knowledge should come a little easier and you will have double reinforcement.

Play music while you create your vision board, any kind of music that inspires you.

Supplies needed:

•Poster board or canvas
•Glue stick
•A little colored masking tape to frame


•Go through the magazines and choose the pictures that represent your dreams, desires and goals.  Reach for the sky!
•Arrange the images on the board.
•Draw around the images if you like and write notes or words.
•Use the glue stick to attach the images.

IMPORTANT:  Hang the board where you will see it often.

Add to your vision board …you can add dreams, or as you reach your goals…add medals or checkmarks.  Turn your Vision Board into a Celebration Board if you like. 


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