A vision board can be made of  poster board.  You can collect pictures you have torn out of old magazines and make a collage.  You can also use new technology, like Photoshop and make a virtual vision board from images you collect online.  A vision board can also be a simple drawing that is an illustration of hopes and dreams.

By surrounding yourself with images of what you dream of doing, achieving or becoming, you manifest change by reminding yourself daily with the visual aid of the images.

The vision board you see here, may be dreaming of going back to school, ceasing cigarette smoking, spending more time playing with her children, eating a healthier diet, running and rewarding herself more.

Vision boards serve to add clarity and remembrance of your big hopes and goals by creating a visual aid.

Before you start your vision board, clarify your goals…what you would like to change in your life and what you would like to improve.  If you have been journaling, this knowledge should come a little easier and you will have double reinforcement.

Play music while you create your vision board, any kind of music that inspires you.

Supplies needed:

•Poster board or canvas
•Glue stick
•A little colored masking tape to frame


•Go through the magazines and choose the pictures that represent your dreams, desires and goals.  Reach for the sky!
•Arrange the images on the board.
•Draw around the images if you like and write notes or words.
•Use the glue stick to attach the images.

IMPORTANT:  Hang the board where you will see it often.

Add to your vision board …you can add dreams, or as you reach your goals…add medals or checkmarks.  Turn your Vision Board into a Celebration Board if you like. 



  1. Shawne

    Vision boards are incredible. I’ve use them for changing my home decor. I will implement them for achieving personal goals as well. Thanks for the tips.

    • Cathy

      Yes, decorating is a great way to use a vision board. There is an online digital board called Houzz that is big right now.

  2. Aliza Chana zaleon

    I love vision boards! I love the virtual use of Pinterest and the social aspect to create many vision boards with multiple themes! It makes keeping track of favorite items easy and dreams a pleasure!

  3. Hayley Hobson

    I agree with this idea completely! It is so important to create a vision of where you would like to go and who you would like to be in order to live your best life. It is crucial to lay it out physically on a board as you’re suggesting or write it down in some way.

  4. Sue Eull

    I like this reminder of how impactful a vision board can be. Great suggestion to listen to music while creating a board for further inspiration!

  5. Angela Privin

    This is great and I have been hearing about digital visionboards but haven’t tried to use one yet. Seems like a great tool. Visionboards are wonderful reminders of your dreams. They are like visual road maps that reprogram your subconscious mind.

    Have your visionboards been a manifestion success? I love to hear vision board success stories.

  6. Kerrie Blazek | Pleasure Catalyst

    I love the idea of creating a celebration board. That’s definitely a fun new twist on the vision board. As Thomas Peters says — celebrate what you want to see more of. I think I’ll create a future celebration board. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Amanda Daley

    Oh yes – I’m loving the ‘celebration’ idea. I’ve made vision boards in the past and love stumbling across them years later only to realise how much has manifested. I havent done one for a while so this gives me an exciting new way to go about it – thank you.

  8. Wendy

    LOVE vision boards! I have one hanging to my right. Great post on how simply it can be done and the meaning behind it. Hope all your readers do one.

  9. Pam Pearson

    Cathy – I’ve run into a couple of things on vision boards this week so it must be time to revisit mine. I recently wrote a blog on how I had my vision board in storage and how some things manifested anyway and how I struggled with others. Since I’ve taken it out of storage it is coming to life. I’ll go revisit it now with your tips! Thanks

  10. Kayla

    I look at vision boards kind of as a clarifying agent and perpetual to do list- they’re a great way to be able to continue to make sure you’re on the right path to where you want to go.
    And it’s a to-do list because HECK YEAH I’m going to do them all- it’s all a matter of time 😉

  11. Sarah | ManagingYouAcademy

    Because I’m always travelling I struggle with a big vision board – but my own version is to go window shopping, see what I want and then meditate on it – it’s like I create a vision board in my head. I keep meaning to do one on the computer and make it my screen saver but it just sounds like too much techie work! Vision boards, however you do them, are so important. Thanks for the reminder. Sarah

  12. Shanna Carson

    Great post Cathy, I agree that we need a vision board as it helps us to define and focus on our hopes, goals and dreams 🙂

    The Law of Attraction really works, but reflects our dominant and most practiced thoughts. We can’t spend 5 minutes on a new thought and 23 hours and 55 minutes thinking the old thoughts and have anything change. A vision board will definitely help to get a positive focus all day long. I know that many people like digital vision boards, but I believe that a physical vision board will do better because it’s easier to keep it in a place where we always see it.

  13. Jenn Burton/ Have Him Your Way

    Wow, what synchronicity both of us publishing articles on vision boards this week… I love vision boards. and I love how you broke it down in this article. Nicely done.

  14. Christie Halmick

    I made a beautiful vision board (in photoshop) last April. I forgot all about it, but when I found it recently I realize that I’m moving toward all the pieces on it very quickly!

  15. Sabra

    I haven’t made a “vision board” since I was a young girl. I have been reading a bit about them for a few months. It might be time for me to give it a try.

  16. Sarah | ManagingYouAcademy

    Thanks for this reminder. I do use a vision board but it’s more a vision board of how I want to ‘feel’ and I have to admit it’s held largely in my heart space. I should probably find the pics and do it the more traditional way and see if it ramps up the manifestation.

  17. Audrey

    I love vision boards! They are fantastic to remind yourself of your objectives without having to put them into words. I find that they speak better to my subconscious than just plain words. Great article – thank you Cathy!



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