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I couldn’t decide what to write about this week…and was inspired…as someone who copied me before, tried to do it again.

It gets to the point where you just have to figure, if they can’t come up with the idea on their own, they probably aren’t smart enough or diligent enough to get too far with the material they are stealing anyway.

Just a little bit ago a fake name came through on the webinar sign ups.  I wouldn’t have noticed it, because there were so many people wanting to see the Diamond Package webinar.  I just archived the form…and then…in the back of my head…her name and email registered…and reflashed.  I went to look and sure enough…it was a fake…and I could tell who it was.  So I went in and opted out for her and sent her a very polite email telling her “Too bad, you are too late and missed this offer.  Keep trying :)”  Sometimes it is fun.  Maybe she will copy that customer service technique too. (Sorry anyone who may suffer because of that).

I used to take it very seriously…and just decided that there wasn’t enough time to chase down copycats and still come up with bright ideas. – and especially follow through

I hope if this ever happens to you…that is the approach you will take.  You can also figure that if someone else wants to copy you that bad…you must be doing something right.

I have been on the other end too.  About a month ago, someone from a Facebook Group sent me an email demanding that I redesign my homepage.  It was okay if I left the top part…but my optin bar was the same color as hers and I should take it down or else.  BROTHER, I had those colors WAY before she did and it was much more likely that she saw mine because it had better exposure.  I respectfully declined and told her she could keep hers if she wanted because I didn’t feel like it was infringing upon mine.

Back when I was showing coaches how to promote MLM products – I got an email from someone who thought I copied her promo…well, that really disturbed me because I was using a copywriter.  So, I went and checked it out and part of it was identical…it made me laugh – it probably was word for word, because we both copied the product information from the same MLM company and it was pasted.  Nothing else was the same and the products weren’t even the same because I was promoting less processed and more supplements that were vitamins and minerals.  So…you have to be practical too and figure if you are going to use something, someone else might too.  That’s like all the IIN verbage going around – I would not be surprised if someone called it theirs and demanded someone else change it…and all that time – it didn’t really belong to her.


Copyright Rules (From Building Abundance)


•Do not place copyrighted materials on your website.

•Do not distribute software that doesn’t belong to you.

•Do not share digital programs.

•Do not publish statements about others that are unfounded or untrue.

•Consult an attorney before offering prizes, sweepstakes or conduct any form of gambling.

•Consult an attorney before publishing any adult-oriented materials to understand yours and others’ rights.


Public Domain means that the content is free from the original creator’s copyright and is available for public use.


Examples of content in the public domain include:

•Anything with an expired or non-existentcopyright.

•Some materials created for the US government.

•Some material from educational institutions.

•“Royalty-free” content whose copyright has been cleared.

The thing is, sometimes you can pick between focusing on what you can’t control and you miss moving forward with positive action.  Don’t let a copycat steal your intellectual property…but don’t let them steal your time either.  You can’t take them to court – unless you are independently wealthy and it is more a matter of principle than fiscal responsibility.

Having said that, I would elaborate and say…call them on it if you have proof and ask them to remove it…and copy your attorney.  But be honest with yourself…what is exclusively yours and what is not.  The woman who wanted me to take the bottom part of my website down…yep she also asked me to take down the dark gray footer that comes standard with most websites – wasn’t thinking logically.  I could site millions of footers that looked just like mine and …she couldn’t possibly ask all them to do a redesign.




You will want to be sure that your own content is not stolen.

You can check by using internet tools like:



There are so many health coaches using the content provided by IIN that you may find quite a few people show up having the same material. It is a good idea to change it up a little so that your potential clients don’t feel like you are a carbon copy of someone else.


Mainly, respect the intellectual property of others.  I believe that we are influenced by everything around us.  Art, Architecture, Music, marketing strategies… it is only logical that it all goes into our creative thinking.  A good rule of thumb, if you feel like you need to change your name to gain access to something from someone else…it probably isn’t something you should get your mits on anyway.


BELIEVE me…there are PLENTY of good ideas to go around.  I think them up so fast that I have to pick and choose how our time is better spent.  We don’t need to copy and …if someone copies you…they cant copy the heart of it…just the part that reflects off them and that can’t be too pretty.

Can you imagine if we all worked together instead of ….well.  It is a lot prettier solution.


Share your stories below…and your tips!  I bet this will be a fun conversation.




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  1. Cathy

    TRUE Lisa…and Wayne Dyer said it well too. Other people judge by “their” reality and that is something that we have 0 control over. Thanks Lisa.


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