Interview with Connie, RD, author, diabetes specialist, successful health coach


Interview with Connie, RD, author, diabetes specialist, successful health coach

Podcast 41

Thanks for listening to another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today, Cathy interviews health coach Constance “Connie” Brown-Riggs. Connie is a registered dietician and is a certified diabetes educator. Her goal is to understand and shorten the cultural divide between those with diabetes and their health care providers and to help people make healthier food choices.   

In this episode, Cathy and Connie discuss the following:

  • Ethnic disparities in medical research and studies
  • Why focusing on the culture of patients is crucial to positive outcomes
  • Differences between Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Advice for health coaches and dieticians working with diabetic patients
  • How “white people food” can impact the diet choices of non-white diabetes patients
  • The top foods people with diabetes—and everyone—should have in their kitchen
  • Why a Mediterranean approach works for people with diabetes  
  • The value of returning to the “old way” of eating, small portions, and moderation
  • The importance of viewing exercise the same way you view medicine  
  • How certain combinations of foods will help lower your blood glucose
  • Advice for those recently diagnosed with diabetes
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For over 25 years, Connie worked with patients with a broad range of health issues. Eventually, she decided to specialize in diabetes because she was intrigued by the cultural diets of various ethnic groups. Specifically, she became interested in the impact of diabetes on African Americans and diabetes within her own background and family history. Today, Connie focuses on the cultural issues associated with individuals affected by diabetes and believes anyone has the ability to make healthier food choices.           

Foods EVERYONE Should Consume

  • Plant-based foods
  • Whole grains
  • Small amounts of red meat
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fish

Connie works with individual patients with diabetes and is currently transitioning to working online. Reach out to Connie with any questions you might have related to healthy diets and diabetes.   

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