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Compounding Pharmacies with Peter Koshland

Podcast 149


Compounding Pharmacies with Peter Koshland. When applied appropriately, compounding medicine can help meet a patient’s unique medical needs. Peter Koshland explains what compound medicine is and how it can create solutions to improve health outcomes. 

In this episode, Cathy and Peter discuss: 


  • What compounded medicine is and how it differs from traditional prescription medication 
  • How compounding medicine helps with hormone replacement, dermatology, urology, thyroid disorders and pain management 
  • Why compounding pharmacists value relationships with doctors, patients and prescribers   
  • Why big pharma is lobbying against bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • How compounding pharmacists determine what combination of medication to create 
  • How bias against compounding pharmacies limit the options available to doctors treating patients
  • The economic impact FDA overreach can have on pharmacists across the country
  • Why custom tailoring hormone treatment is preferable vs. one size fits all approach 
  • Typical ways to receive compounded hormones 
  • How to handle doctors that don’t understand hormone treatment options 
  • How health coaches can learn more about compounding medicine 
  • Why continuing education is key to combat misinformation about compounding medicine and hormone treatment 

Peter Koshland graduated from Georgetown University with a Chemistry major and Math minor and earned a PharmD from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) School of Pharmacy, where he currently serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pharmacy. Peter leads a dedicated team of healthcare professionals at Koshland Pharm and oversees pharmacy operations in order to support the health and healing of patients. In his twenty year career as a pharmacist, Peter has seen the profound impact high-quality compounded medicine can have on the lives of patients. Because of this, producing the absolute best patient outcomes is what drives his decisions as CEO of Koshland Pharm.

When he is not in the pharmacy, Peter spends his time consulting with and educating doctors about the multiple applications of compounded medicine in their respective fields.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “There’s a little more flexibility in how we make the specific medication and it’s really designed to be tailored specifically to that patient’s exact needs.”
  • “Our job is to help educate prescribers about what we can do…it’s not a replacement for the commercially available products so we really see ourselves as an addition or an adjunct to what people could get at a CVS or Walgreens.”
  • “We should never have any sort of regulatory environment that is antithetical to people’s health and well-being.”

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