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Case Study – Ashlie Pappas

Podcast 139


Case Study – Ashlie Pappas. Cathy talks with Ashlie Pappas about her experience with the Health Coach Group and how her business has changed and grown since she first became a personal trainer.   

In this episode, Cathy and Ashlie discuss: 

  • Ashlie’s background and current business 
  • Different avenues of revenue and exposure Ashlie’s experienced since starting from zero with her target niche  
  • Why Ashlie shifted to health coaching from being a personal trainer
  • How multiple education courses and certifications benefit Ashlie as a health coach 
  • Which Health Coach Group programs Ashlie prefers  
  • Ashlie’s business background and how it’s changed over the years 
  • What Ashlie has learned from her biggest frustrations      
  • Ashlie’s 3 Step Prescription for other health coaches

1-Have a way for people to opt in to your email list and make it easy for them 

2-Stay in front of your audience consistently by social media, email, etc. 

3-Be consistent with emailing your audience and nurture that relationship   

  • Types of marketing Ashlie uses  


      Memorable Quotes:

      • “When we appropriately love ourselves, we have boundaries. We have the ability to shift our outlook on things and see the positives and all of the beautiful pieces in even the biggest disasters.”  
      • “It’s really important, in terms of education and learning, that it’s being used as a tool to amplify and not as an excuse to procrastinate and not start.” 

        Ashlie Pappas has over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. Originally a fitness coach and personal trainer, she created an online business focusing on mindset, podcasting, and aromatherapy. Ashlie currently offers business coaching through the Health Coach Group.


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