Building Your Customer Journey

Podcast 146

If you want to help clients achieve the results they want, you have to know who they are and how you can help them. Ashlie shares why getting clear on your ideal client and niche is key and how you can create an experience that makes clients want to work with you! 

In this episode, Ashlie discusses

  • Determining what’s going to ignite your customer to take action
  • Finding an opt-in offer that gives your clients a quick win so they’ll know you can help them
  • Knowing what comes next and creating a welcoming email sequence
  • Understanding what fits to help your customer start their journey with you and get where they need to go 
  • Pre-qualifying clients vs. excluding clients
  • Knowing your expertise to help narrow down your niche 
  • Advice for working with your ideal client 

      Ashlie Pappas has over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. Originally a fitness coach and personal trainer, she created an online business focusing on mindset, podcasting, and aromatherapy. Ashlie currently offers business coaching through the Health Coach Group.

      Memorable Quotes:

      • “When you have a specific ideal client in mind, when you’ve created that and you’ve figured that out—it’s going to make your work way easier.” 
      • “Your ideal client’s problem and the actual problem often aren’t going to be the same thing and that’s why they need you.”
      • “Have a way for people to start with you right away.”
      • “When you choose a niche it doesn’t mean you’re excluding everything else, it means you’re choosing what you are going to be the go-to for, it’s choosing what your expertise is and the other things you’re passionate about.”


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