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Last year when we created DSD, we also created some packages.


Because, we knew, if people didn’t make money pretty quickly with DSD…they wouldn’t stick around.


So, the packages were designed to give you everything you need to grow your business.  They range from the Diamond Package, which is pretty much like walking straight into a customized business (education, programs, website, sales funnel and all) to the White Glove Package with DSD- everything you need to deliver your programs.

The package right above the White Glove Package (and all those following) gives you a way to grow your list.

It works.

I shared my launch plan…it is a cute little ppt presentation with about $3000 worth of knowledge packed into it.  Everything you could need to build your list in a little book.  The calendar…the emails, the instructions for advertising – webinar – getting testimonials – delivering and followup and sales.

The whole principle is offering a 7 Day Challenge to be released daily for …………..yep……7 days.

Put these people in a group for even faster community growth.

Send them emails to get them into a 12 Day Detox Webinar – while they are still feeling good from the 7 day challenge.

Sell them a 12 Day Detox….

Then …..get them into a longer term program where you can really help.

This, when done correctly, builds a community faster, shares your expertise and people who are already familiar with what you can do for them when they are ready.

The nice thing is, even if they aren’t ready to do the 12 Day Detox….or whatever it is you feel is right for them…it puts them in a place where you can nurture your relationship and give them true value until they are ready.  They become a part of your community and are on your list of potential clients that you can easily reach through email.

ACTION STEP for this week!

Get your offer out there…build a community around it.  NOW.  When you get this done your list will grow and you will be in business.


Do you still have questions about DSD our Program that allows you to create an immediate online business with e-commerce, programs, email and delivery?  Q&A this week.  Sign up and join us.  It will be recorded.

Have you enrolled in our FREE Health Coach University yet?  We have tons and tons of great information available to health coaches that has been created just for you by professionals and experts in their fields….and me. 





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