Branding for Health Professionals

Branding for Health Professionals

Podcast 13

Welcome back for another episode of  Health Coach Conversations! This is going to be a great episode, and is a topic that is very important when first starting up your own business and throughout many years of operation – branding! My guest today is marketing and branding expert, Laura Booker! In this episode Cathy and Laura talk about the following:

  • Common marketing mistakes.   
  • Branding is all about the experience people have with your business.
  • Being true to yourself.    
  • Setting realistic expectations.    
  • Designing your logo- it’s worth the time, effort, discussion, and money.
Not everyone is a natural when it comes to marketing or creating a personal brand.  We didn’t go to school to become key players in the marketing industry – we are entrepreneurs because our desire to serve others is what drives us through life.  However, starting your own business requires you to take on a few extra roles and responsibilities – such as marketing for yourself and your business.  

That is why I invited Laura on for a discussion, because she is here to help walk us through some of the most common marketing mistakes. She explains how to create and grow your overall brand and what the difference between branding and marketing really is.  Just how important it is to stay authentic and true to yourself and your own vision, not only for your own sanity but also to attract ideal clients.  Laura also gives her own personal input on what marketing items are more important to spend extra time or money on.  Giving you the confidence to grow your branding and business with ease!    

Listen To Episode 13 Below:

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