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When I think about everything that happened this year, there may have been things I would have planned better…and other things, the ones that threw me the most, that I couldn’t have foreseen.  I could go on and on and tell you about all the details…ugly and beautiful, of my year, but I think I will shorten it to what I have learned, because in the end…that is what you come away with.


What I learned in 2014:


  1. I am not the queen of hiring. (I used to be…but virtual business is tricky).  I need to be more selective, intuitive and attentive.  I had some really good choices this year and not so much and I had better luck with intuition than fancy theory and routine.  “Who” is a good book, but, I think it is missing a big chunk of intuition.  I learned a lot from it.
  2. Some times, especially when working with tech people, you need to have an interpreter – build it into the cost.  They are gifted and it is worth it.
  3. Self care needs to be #1 above all else….regardless of the crisis OR…(more often) the fun project you have going.  When you take care of yourself, you take care of everything else.
  4. Honoring your desire to do a certain type of work in your business…is a form of self care.  Do what you enjoy.
  5. We need human interaction with our peers, clients and mentors.  Human connection raises the level of everything immensely.
  6. I am afraid…but not enough not to do it.  I thought I was fearless.  This year I actually faced fear and went with it instead of denying it and it was good.
  7. Health Coaches are wonderful people to work with.
  8. I learned even more by teaching.  Mentoring Mondays have been a good learning experience.
  9. Streamlining connections was important this year.  I need to be more careful with associations.

It is funny, I look at this list and I see that it has more to do with people than actual product, spiritual or business procedures.  Our Mentoring Mondays and Club Med have really driven home the understanding of the need to connect.  My business originally was set up that we would deliver programs and that would be that.  No connection because we streamlined and really had light need for customer service.  This year blew that all out of the water.

DSD required huge customer service.  Our customer service this year was probably our biggest new need and our biggest accomplishment.  That was one of the reasons that hiring has been so difficult.  Customer service leaves no room for error.  You have to be attentive, caring and knowledgeable.  We set up a special customer service area that allows our entire team to work on problems, questions and tasks.    We have a good team now.


What We Did Right in 2014:


  1. Physician-Health Coach Weight Loss Program – Healthy Habits – This program was huge and introduced at the beginning of the year to solve many of the problems that health coaches encounter when marketing, administering and working with clients.
  2. DSD (Designed, Sealed & Delivered)  – Our technical platform that provides e-commerce and delivery of all our programs – a happy by product was a full website.
  3. Customer Service – Our customer service really grew and blossomed as needed with an entire customer service center that is the same as many Fortune 500 companies.
  4. All of our Inner Circle Programs saw a high investment of time and money to upgrade and rearrange to be put into DSD this year.
  5. 12 Day Detox Workshop for Inner Circle Members…a great workshop to promote community and marketing, as well as a good template for future workshops and webinars.
  6. THCG/Club Med Mastermind – this event created changes in the business lives of everyone who participated.  It was a life changing event and better than we could have ever hoped.
  7. Mentoring Monday…was a big investment of my personal time and ended up to provide the opportunity of consistent training, support and information for health coaches.  A great investment that has paid off for health coaches.
  8. We finally found a way to use Building Abundance that the most people could benefit!  The only way you can go through our Building Abundance 12 Week Course is to be an Inner Circle Member.  All Inner Circle Members can enroll in this course for FREE.  We have a premium small group coaching offer  that has made a huge difference for the participants.  We have had much better retention and engagement with these groups.  I am anxious to share the results next go round of Building Abundance.
  9. We have an amazing team and I have learned to really appreciate and give it over to them when appropriate.  Team collaboration and allocation of talent improved the quality of our output and the overall customer experience.


Good and New Next Year:


  1. I gave up on trying to vet and hire my own assistant.  I hired an employment agency and I am happy to say, we got it done.  I am going to have a really, really, really good and full time assistant beginning January 5, 2015.  She will be right here working with me and she is  very enthusiastic, highly qualified and focused entirely on The Health Coach Group and our mission.  She is not a health coach, but she worked for a private university as senior administrative assistant in the pharmacy school.  She has event planning, course planning, online education setup and loves, loves, loves people and customer service.  She will not be in our customer service, but she will offer great support to our team while she is supporting my efforts 100%.  I am excited just telling you about her.
  2. More masterminds.  We will be offering the opportunity for you all to participate in a mastermind in advance of the Building Abundance Course, stay with that mastermind group through the course and then carry on after.  This is going to help you to leverage your gains.  It will take the advances we found with the Building Abundance course,  coaching and the mastermind, marry them and really propel you forward.
  3. Our Diamond Package will have it’s first results showing up at the beginning of next year.  We were so lucky to have our first clients be such great opportunities for this.  This has been my ultimate goal…school to business for health coaches without years of frustration.
  4. In 2015 I want to have all Inner Circle Members consistently growing their lists and actually using all the great programs they have.
  5. In 2015, I am going to not only help coaches get into masterminds, I am going to be getting into a new mastermind group that I will participate in and I intend to participate in some retreats myself.  Our retreats will grow…a lot.  It was a great experience.
  6. We are going to be spotlighting our coaches and their successes.  All the hard work from the last couple years is most evident in the progress and forward movement of health coaches.  We are going to share you with your peers so they can see it can be done.  The best and final outcome of everything we do …lots more health coaches making it in their businesses.


It has been another good year.  Not easy, but good.   Next year is going to be even better.  I will be setting my own personal goals in the next few weeks and sharing my new word for 2015.  I will have a lot to say about that …and this last year’s word …in a couple weeks.


Answer these questions:


  1. What did you learn in 2014?
  2. What did you get right in 2014?
  3. What is ahead in 2015?


That will set up a pretty good foundation to set your goals for the new year.


Share with us below!



  1. Karen Yankovich

    Cathy impressive as usual.

    I needed to learn in 2014 that I need to turn inward. My business was growing, and supporting everyone but me. While I still have a few too many people that I’m supporting, I’m streamlining it and getting close.

    And I learned that I LOVE my clients and need to keep the number of clients small so I can be doing what I love to do.

    For 2015, I plan to do more work with existing clients rather than always be looking for new ones. I’m also putting a plan in place to do more paid speaking. I’m excited for both!

  2. Elena Rusakova

    Thank you Cathy for your support!
    In 2014 I learn that I have to start my health coaching business and the best things I did – is I join the Health Coaching Group!
    I only have a 2 clients so far – but I very exited about 2015 – I am about to lunch my business full time.
    2015 going to be very busy year! I have my vision board ready!
    Thank you for the all support and wonderful people I’ve met in 2014!

  3. Susie

    Thx Cathy, I learned that the more I choose the areas that bring me happiness, the happier and more successful I am.

    I also learned that hiring people to help in the areas that aren’t in my ‘zone’ makes things easier. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.

    I would like to offer my first online course in 2015.

  4. Heather

    Yes, listening to your intuition is always the best practice – it never fails you! And hiring people to do the dirty work so important.

  5. Michelle

    I always love peeking into your systems and processes, Cathy. As a Virgo, I am intrigued and fascinated by your uber-organization. 🙂

    Here are my 3:

    1. What did I learn? Your #3. 🙂 Self care, self care, self care…

    2. What did I get right? Your #5 in your first list. 🙂 I was going crazy working alone in my condo day in and day out. So I joined a local collaborative coworking space. Best thing I did in 2014. Hands down.

    3. What is ahead in 2015? My e-courses FINALLY go live! Hurrah!

    Happy End of Year, Cathy!

  6. april

    i am finally coming into my own with my business. i am finally at the point of learning how to choose what works best for me in terms of systems/marketing/overall style. i am finally understanding how to fully integrate myself and my company. all of these are very important to me as i travel the globe throughout the year. i need my lifestyle to be as seamless as possible. and i’m getting there.

  7. Dana O'Dell

    Great post Cathy, I’m with you intuition wins every time right along with self care.

  8. Elizabeth MacLeod

    IN 2014 what did I learn…. that steady as she goes, needs self care along side her and how to make videos and that I could do it!

    What I got right … hmmm…. copy. and working with people. and an ecourse that is video based.

    What am I going to do in 2015… my first ecourse. 😉 my first on line launch. my first private fb group. 🙂

    thanjks. That was good to think about 🙂

  9. Maria

    Hi Cathy
    what a fabulous year – and a wonderful solid foundation to build on your successes for the future. Love reading this. To see what is possible – inspirational!

    What did you learn in 2014?
    I learnt that it is OK to be me and be seen. To be wise and accepting. All with ease and grace.

    What did you get right in 2014?
    Technology learning curve
    Hiring the right people and knowing that my biz will grow with a support team. Oh and it takes time.

    What is ahead in 2015?
    So many wonderful things. Workshops, retreat and amazing women coming my way to support them to feel safe in their own skin. I am ready <3

  10. Shani

    I love the reflection and planning aspect of our lives. Too many people leave out the part of reflecting on what went wrong & what went right when planning. This is great! Thank you!


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