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I have a confession to make.  I am one of those people who slow down to drive through the neighborhood at night so I can see the inside of peoples houses.  It’s not like I’m a peeping Tammy…lol, well, it kind of sounds like it doesn’t it.  I like seeing what kind of furniture, fabrics, art and colors people have.  It’s fun to peek behind closed doors.  To see how other people live.


That’s why last year when my B-School Group asked me to write a blog about the day in my life…I thought it would be fun.  I like seeing what other people do…I could open the curtains and let you see in.


Well, last year at this time I was up to my eyeballs in releasing Physician Weight Loss and in the middle of developing the most expensive product that I have ever worked on.  Haha…little did I know.  It is developed, actually the 2nd version is already developed and here….and now I am moving forward.  So, I am going to do it again…share a day in my life.  Today….


I’m still doing it.  I wake up, roll over and grab my laptop and check my email at 5:30 a.m.  Then, I check Facebook.  I let new people into the B-School Waiting room, leave a few notes and wake Kora up for school.




7 a.m. Breakfast with Kora.  (My favorite part of the whole day).


REALLY fast 25 minutes with Gilad – upper body arms and shoulders.  I love his workouts.


Kora was off to school and I was ready for the day.


8:00 a.m.

I met with my health coach.  I just started working with her a few weeks ago.  I need someone to help me get my iron straightened around…and I need some accountability.  She has done a lot of research for me…and isn’t letting me get by with much phoney baloney.  Just what I need.  She is also very gentle, more gentle than I am on myself.


Prepare for a team meeting.  Make a couple changes to the Facebook ads.  Change a website page.  Pick up my desk.  Cross out some to-do’s on my list (one of my favorite things to do).  Posted a blog. Answered emails and questions on Facebook.  There were lots of questions about B-School, The Inner Circle and IIN…there must be a rush of enrollments at IIN, the last 2 weeks has had a crazy number of inquiries.  (Boy, I get a lot done in an hour).  Checked some conversion rates and ….


Got on the Team Call.  We do individual team member meetings each Wednesday Morning…except the second Tuesday of the month…then it is a big team meeting.  The team meeting frees up about 3 extra hours in the day.  I needed those 3 extra hours.  We are redoing the Inner Circle Page and Getting ready for a B-School webinar and the shopping cart opening in a week (Ash Wednesday B-School opening!)



Phew…I walked away from my desk for a few minutes.  It was quite a morning already.  I grabbed a veggie roll for lunch, made a Skoop drink and a hot tea and headed back to my desk.


Started researching the man I was set to meet regarding Corporate Wellness Incentives.  Answered emails.  Returned a couple phone calls.  Threw in a new testimonial on a sales page.


I walked away from my desk again.  (I’m getting a little better at that).


E-mail, Facebook.


Changes and updates to B-School Webinar.  Reminder of Building Abundance Conference


Corporate Wellness Meeting to review and plan viability of individual health coaches in corporate wellness, marketing, target market, limitations, strengths, alternatives, incentives, budget, industry factors and statistics.  This was an exceptional meeting.  It was one of the best hours I have spent.  Learned a lot from an industry leader and may have established a strong partnership.



Quick Club Med Meeting, Project Mgt on Corporate Wellness addition and expansion.  We have room for 300 health coaches this year at Club Med!  I am excited.  Last year was great beyond my expectations, this year we have an unbelievable list of people to contact to guest speak plus we are going to have 2 day upgrades so people will have some time to play.


More emails, phone calls – Facebook- checking conversion rates


Meeting with new team members, BIG Q&A …they pummeled me with questions and I answered…recorded call and shared.


Quick meeting with Vendor – got payroll in while talking to vendor.


Hugs from Kora.  She is off school for Parent Teacher Conferences…so she wanted a friend to spend the night….okay (she is pretty good at knowing when to ask).


I was so excited about my 2:00 meeting.  Reviewed notes and adjusted plans.  It was really a good meeting and have expanded into plans for intern possibility for new health coach graduates and adjusted the program materials.  The corporate wellness program will pinpoint the viable corporate market, explain and educate marketing potential.  Lunch and Learns, Program Transformation, education, Newsletter template, informational pamphlets….It’s going to be good…and very versatile.  We are going to be able to really pinpoint the only viable market for individual health coaches in corporate wellness and save our coaches tons of money and time.  We have narrowed it down to a small segment of corporations where success for coaches can be expected armed with the appropriate marketing materials.  The information we ascertained today will set us (you and me) apart from any professed corporate wellness experts and give you accurate and competitive cost per employee for pricing to get business and we will be able to know EXACTLY which corporations will or will not be potential customers.  There are a lot of places in corporate wellness where health coaches would be spinning their wheels and we know where those are.  We are going to have a great program!


Called my mom.  She was overwhelmed (I have lots of brothers and sisters) Saturday on her birthday, so I got to hear about all her birthday fun.


Ashlie and Zach and Aiden came over…I got to hear about Ashlie’s first doTERRA travel…she spent the weekend in New York, Boston and Pittsburgh.  Aiden brought the valentines box we made over the weekend…only now it is filled with Valentines and candy!  Cool.


Wrote blog.


If I don’t get to bed…I might just drop right here!  (2 little girls giggling and talking)  the nice thing about that, I think I may sleep right through it!


I don’t really feel like I got a ton done.  I saved all of us about 3 years of struggling with that 1 hour meeting.  Very good things came from that meeting.

What does your day look like.  I know that my day and time management could be improved.  I have to take full days and mark them off my calendar (I have 2 a week)…to get big things done.  Post your tips below in the comment section.  Share this with your friends!




  1. Jenna

    Wow! It sounds like you get motivated and energized by working on many different projects. How do you manage your time so you still get your goals for the day accomplished without getting distracted?

    • Cathy

      Thanks Jenna. Believe me…I get distracted. I keep my office space separate from my home (even though it is in my home), so that helps. I have set some boundaries too. Thank you for asking. ~Cathy

  2. Kristyn

    Wow! You are definitely a busy lady. Love the work you are doing in corporate wellness. Thanks for sharing about it. Can’t wait to see what comes of it!

  3. Ashlie Pappas

    I am just impressed you made it to 5:30am before you started your day! I love how you get a vision and make it happen. You are a great example of how hard work and a vision can make anything happen. I may not have been aware of it growing up, but I can’t even put into words how grateful I am that I grew up with that example! <3

    • Cathy

      Every mom’s dream…to hear those words 🙂

  4. Heather

    Three teenagers, a house to take care of, dog to walk, my exercise, grocery shopping, cooking meals – these are all the things that get in my way of a very productive work day. I wake up every morning and while drinking tea write out my tasks for the day. Some times I will make it through all of them, sometimes I won’t. I think the biggest thing for me is that I have learned to be realistic with myself and not get down on myself if it all doesn’t get accomplished. It goes on the next days list.

    • Cathy

      Heather, You are so right! Just getting something on the list in a day is something to celebrate. You have a lot on your plate. Congratulations for making it to the list making step. ~Cathy

  5. Mary Blackburn

    Cathy, You are such an inspiration to everyone whose lives you touch! I’m so glad that I found you and The Health Coach Group!

    My days are also full and I never feel like I’ve gotten enough done. I laughed a little when I read that you like to look into other peoples houses. I do the same thing, and like you, I just want to see their furniture, and how they’ve decorated their homes.

    • Cathy

      ! Mary, I think there are a lot more of us living room peeper than would admit. Thank you for what you said. ~Cathy

  6. Sarah Lawrence

    Whoa! Busy lady! I love that you run with it and adapt as your day progresses. I think that’s the biggest thing that I’ve learned over the years — go with the flow. For me, being adaptable has helped in many ways. I still have some rigid commitments that must stay firm, but otherwise, I work organically and have never been happier or more productive. Helps when you are doing things that stem from your passion too!

  7. april

    ooh, i love “a day in the life” accounts! thanks so much for sharing yours with us, cathy. you are one productive woman, and it’s inspiring to read about all that you accomplish.

  8. Susie

    Love reading how you manage your time.

    I spend my mornings getting the family set them I exercise.

    My afternoon and evenings are reserved for meeting clients, vendors and checking out venues for upcoming events. Since my work often monopolizes part of my weekends I try to keep my mornings sacred.

    Evenings home are a gift and I cherish them!!

  9. Johanna Hussey

    Thanks for the peek at a day in your life, Cathy! You are so focused and I love how you are working with a health coach on your perosnal goals! Great job!

  10. Shelley Ugyan

    It sounds like a wonderful, full day Cathy! You are obviously inspired by your work and are using it to motivate you- which is why I assume you are so productive and “on” through your day! Love the walking away from your desk as well 🙂

  11. Cathy

    Breana, I am so glad you are a part too. I remember when my kids were little…I felt like I would clean up behind them and by the time I got it clean, it was time to start again. Their hugs and lovability (not a word I guess) makes up for all the work. ~Cathy

  12. Maria

    wow – astonishing how much you can get done in a 24 hrs period (less than really) – this read makes me stop and think about my day – wonderful reflection on a busy, full and productive life xx


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