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Are You ALL In?

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Commit to Your Business 

If there is something holding you back in your business, it’s often you.

You may look around and see that everyone else is reaching their dreams, or worse, look around and see people who aren’t.  By comparing yourself to others, you see a result, not their struggles, or lack of attachment.  Stay focused on where you are and how you progress to keep focused on your own business.

 By focusing on yourself, you’re more likely to see and accept fear, limiting beliefs, and get past them to reach your goals.  You’d be surprised at how many people, including doctors as well as health coaches have the inner voice saying “you can’t”.  I can tell you, you can.  If you decide you can, you can.  If you decide that you will do what it takes to make it happen, it happens.  Maybe not always the way you originally envisioned it, but, miraculously, if you adjust as you go, even better.  I tell people all the time, if I can do it, you can do it.  If you know you can, you do.

Many of you are coaches, therapists, counselors, and yet, you don’t have a coach, therapist, or counselor.  Many of you have many peers, anyone in our group does.  Talking and working together can save you time because they are more objective than you, have different experiences than you, and can help you recognize things you are too close to see.  Almost always, in this type of situation, if you give your experience and objectivity to others, you get back 100 times more than you give.

Here are some tips:
  • Have a Plan.  Creating your business plan according to your values, needs, and talents helps to keep you on track.
  • Take Action.  Make plans, then act on them.  You don’t have to be perfect.  The right time is now, it’s not a magical date in the future.  You do need to get started.  You can fix things as you go.
  • Expect to Wait.  Results may come in incremental pieces.  Most businesses take 5 years to make a profit.  If you start off with reasonable expectations and a willingness to work, you won’t be so quick to give up.  Set a REALISTIC date for progress.
  • Ask for Help.  Go to your vendor, your coach, your mentor, or your tribe.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  It can save mistakes and people like to help.
  • Be Ready to Adjust.  Make your plan and stick to it, until you see a reason to adjust.  COVID-19 did that to a lot of business owners, the adjustment has been a very good move for most in our industry.  If you see that your ideal client has a need you didn’t anticipate, be ready to change your plans to better fill that need or work around it.
  • Listen to Your Gut.  Anything that ever went sideways for me can be traced back to a time when I didn’t listen to my gut.  That doesn’t mean to succumb to fear.
  • Appreciate Obstacles.  Often, without obstacles, we wouldn’t try something different and brought about a new and unexpected solution.  Almost every obstacle can be turned into a learning experience, if not an opportunity to excel.


“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field or endeavor.”


Vince Lombardi 


There are a lot of coaches who want to hang out in the net.  Just today, my grandson Jackson said that he had a “hat trick” (that’s three goals in one game), “I don’t have to stand and wait for the ball, I get out with the action.”  While everyone needs a goalie, a business needs an action person.  Don’t stand and wait to solve problems, get out and make things happen.



  1. eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Minimize stress
  3. wash your hands
  4. get enough sleep
  5. drink in moderation
  6. exercise every day
  7. eat at home
  8. list your gratitude
  9. keep it clean
  10. a good book is your friend
  11. plant your garden
  12. forgive others
  13. share generously
  14. learn something new


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