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One of the nicest things my husband has ever done for me…the gift that keeps on giving…was to build me a steam shower.  It is nice in the summer and really, really nice in the winter.  I set the steam 15 minutes ahead and get into a steaming shower.

So, you can imagine, I was really interested when one of our blog submissions was on the importance of steam showers and it came from a health coach in India.  Thank you Vineetha Reddy.


5 Takeaways Of A Refreshing Steam Bath


Taking steam baths have become a regular routine for a lot of people these days. I have personally experienced the many health and beauty benefits of steam baths. A therapeutic method used from the ancient Greek and Roman times, steam baths are very popular for their therapeutic and relaxing qualities. There is nothing like it for ensuring a complete rejuvenation of your body from the inside out!
Here are five reasons to have a regular steam bath:

  1. It Is A Great Stress Reliever: Are you stressed out and are looking for a way to relax? Then steam baths are your best bet. The heat helps the muscles relax while the steam provides a soothing and calming atmosphere for the mind. Hard work during the day and tensions tend to build-up in the body causing hypertension, high blood pressure and other stress related illnesses. Steam baths help to relieve this tension build-up and relaxes the mind and body to great effect. Your mood will also become positive and happy.
  2.  It Brings Great Pain Relief: Steam baths are effective for bringing relief to pains of various kinds. It is advised to take a steam bath post a workout session to quicken the healing of injured muscles and tissues. Muscular pain sees instant relief when treated with heat and steam. The heat increases circulation of blood in the vessels allowing oxygen to reach the damaged parts of the body. Elderly people who suffer from arthritis and joint pains can positively benefit from the steam bath treatment.
  3.  It Is Great For The Skin: Sweating is good for the body, especially the skin. Steaming the body can help your skin look fresh with a glowing appearance. The steam helps to open up the pores to let out all the toxins and impurities. This flushing out of impurities cleanses the skin. The blood circulation also improves and contributes to the supple and good looking skin. Steam is also an excellent remedy to remove blackheads. Good looking skin automatically gives your self-confidence a boost.
  4.  It Is Great For Weight Loss: Though the effect is only temporary in nature, being exposed to hot steam can help you reduce weight. Weight decreases as you sweat, as the body is losing a lot of water weight. However a rehydration post a steam bath will regain the lost weight. Steam baths are recommended after a workout session to provide relaxation and help lose a little weight.
  5.  It Is Great To Relieve Respiratory Problems: Steam baths can prove to be very useful for providing relief to respiratory problems. The steam helps to clear allergens and mucus from the lungs. The airways get opened and the toxins are eliminated easily. Steam inhalation is very beneficial for those who suffer from colds, bronchitis, flu, sinusitis and asthma. Throat irritations and inflammations can also be easily taken care of. The de-stressing property of the steam bath helps you relax and manage stress effectively which is a strong trigger for asthma attacks.

As you can see regular steam baths can help active people find an effective treatment against skin problems, respiratory problems, mental tension and pain. However, it would be worthwhile to consult a doctor before going for a steam bath to ensure you have taken precautionary measures. Having a steam bath before bed can help promote good sleep.


Thank you for sharing the benefits of steam showers Vineetha!

Author Bio – Vineetha Reddy


Being a regular practitioner and adviser of everything related to nutrition, fitness, health and wellness, I also have begun to write and contribute to this knowledge ecosystem. I strongly believe that the ingredients you find in your pantry provide the best benefits for good health. Follow me for my best ideas and solutions :











I (Cathy) just had to add a little more…..


I love my steam showers so much that I wanted to add a little of my own tips.

A steam shower can be added on pretty easily.  My husband did ours, but I should say that he majored in Architecture and grew up in construction.  He has remodeled office buildings and homes to resell.  I don’t think I would expect most husbands to be able to do it.  We still needed to call in an electrician and plumber.  If you are doing a bathroom remodel, it shouldn’t add a lot of expense.  The biggest expense is the generator and controls.


 The difference in construction between a steam and standard shower:


  • There is no ventilation in a steam shower.  The steam needs to build up and if there is an opening the steam escapes.
  • The door opens in instead of out.  No biggie, except that the shower needs to be big enough to accommodate you and the door swing.
  • The shower needs to be insulated.
  • The ceiling is sloped instead of flat so the condensed water drips off the side instead of onto you.
  • There is a sensor in the shower for temperature.
  • A steam jet comes out of the wall at the bottom.  It should be in the corner to avoid burns.
  • The controls should be close or inside the shower to adjust heat and time easily.
  • The surface should retain heat and be easy to clean.
  • A bench is nice so you can sit and spend a little extra time.

I have a limestone surface.  It is pretty, I think a ceramic tile would have been much easier to clean.  It gets cleaned with laundry detergent weekly, but every once in a while, it needs to be heated up and wiped down even better.


Cathy’s Tips for a Successful Steam Shower:


  • Drink 3 big, cold glasses of water.  One before, one during and one after.  You sweat during a steam shower so it is good to rehydrate.
  • Dry brush.  This helps to detoxify and gives you something to do while you are enjoying the steam…besides just sitting.  (Not that just sitting is bad).shutterstock_223106206
  • Pick an essential oil and release it during the shower.  I don’t have any specific suggestion, just whatever suits your fancy.  Sometimes I pick a blend for immunity, other times for serenity and other times uplifting.  It is a treat.
  • Leave the lid off your coconut oil.  The steam causes it to mold quickly, letting it cool off prevents it.


Thanks again for getting us started Vineetha!

What do you say…a subject we didn’t touch on …dry sauna or steam shower?  What is your indulgence of choice?




  1. Susie

    You had my attention at the mere mention of steam shower. I would steam everyday if I could. I use the one at my gym and bring a citrus sugar scrub that smells great and leaves my skin so soft. Making the gym my own spa 😉

    Just started Bikram Yoga which is basically yoga in the steam room 😉
    Can you tell I like it hot!!

  2. Cathy

    Though I don’t have special facilities, one of my favourite remedies for the onset of a cold is to get into a steaming hot Epson salt bath (maybe add some essential oils) – as hot as you can handle – soak for 10 minutes, get jammied and head straight to bed.

  3. april

    this sounds perfectly yummy, cathy! (especially in light of my chronic respiratory issues.) i too soak in very hot epsom salt baths (which i love), but i think i could get used to my own personal steam shower.


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