According to an ASID survey 82% of Americans want to stay in their home as they age, even if they should require assistance or care.

Will your home accommodate you as your needs change? As we age our bodies change. We have hearing loss, changes in vision, loss of strength and dexterity, arthritis. Sometimes we have loss of mobility. There are things that we can do to change our homes, or plan new homes that allow us to live independent healthy lives as we get older.

Some changes include grab rails, special clearances, surfaces that allow us to move easier. Well placed lighting and sound systems.

Kitchens and bathrooms that have special heights and features can make things that have not been comfortable, suddenly much easier to do.

Simple adjustments, like non glare glass, remote controls or easy to grasp controls. Even colors that let you know where surfaces start and stop can make major quality of life improvements.

There are many ways to make life easier, whether you are planning for an elderly relative to live with you in your home or planning to stay in your own home and or allow for an extra living space for a care taker. We can work with you to make life easier and more beautiful at the same time.


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  1. Denise

    My husband and I, who are not that old, talk about these types of features in our next home. Our current abode is not old person friendly and we both want to be independent as long as we can. We’ll be looking at these types of features when we consider buying again.

    • Cathy

      Good for you Denise. The longer you can be independent, the better off most people are.

  2. Christie Halmick

    I can see a few improvements that could be made right away. I’ve been noticing these more because our dog is almost 14 years old and the steps that she used to bound down have now become a real challenge for her.

    • Cathy

      Hi Christie, we have a ranch style house and that was when I noticed we needed changes too. We still had steps going out of the house. Sometimes, if you adjust the run of the steps by laying (deeper) boards on them, it might help your dog to get down them. The standard run is 11″, I found that making it longer by a couple inches allowed her to maneuver the steps better.


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