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You Must Advertise

Many consumers don’t know what they want, where to get it, or even, once they get it, how to use it.  If you don’t tell them you have it, they’ll never know. As a health coach, you have a gift to share and you never will unless you get the word out.

“The person who saves money by not advertising is like the man who stops the clock to save time.”

The one thing I never feel guilty about spending money on is advertising. If you’ve been through Building Abundance, you may remember that if you spend $1000 it should bring in $10,000 – that’s different if you have no cost of goods or time – but otherwise, that’s my rule for advertising value and every penny spent is well spent.

If there was one thing I would say each of you need more than anything else, it’s advertising. Consistent and well placed.

We’ve set $20,000 business packages up for people.  They had a plan, a marketing funnel.  Their niche was specific, their website was beautiful.  The last step was theirs.  They were shown how to advertise and all they had to do was hit the buttons. If they didn’t advertise, ALL that money was wasted. It was set up and they refused to spend any money to promote and it was all zip – gone.  $1000’s of dollars in Infusionsoft sequences, perfect graphics…and it makes me want to cry.   True Story and it makes me sad to see everyone work that hard and make such great plans and systems and have so much to offer and then be afraid to put it out into the world.

Many health coaches, inexperienced with advertising cost and results, will try it for a little bit, not get a new customer and stop.  YOU CAN’T DO THAT!


Reasonable Expectations – the Truth


Advertising can do amazing things for your business.  Having reasonable expectations is important.

Advertising can:

  1. Convey features and benefits of your offering
  2. Establish increased credibility
  3. Expose and expand your brand
  4. Introduce you to new potential customers
  5. Remind old customers to come back to you
  6. Build Revenue (usually gradually over time)
  7. Create Brand Recognition

Advertising is an art.  You either need to learn the art, or hire someone who is an artist.  You may be gifted in advertising, you certainly know your business.  Most health coaches aren’t gifted advertisers.  You don’t have the education, experience or desire for analytics. The best thing you can do is clarify your niche, identify your ideal client, establish your offer – and give it to someone else to convey.

I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m saying this to help you build your businesses. This IS the one place I see most health coaches get stuck.


THCG’s Experience

When I started advertising THCG on Facebook, my advantages were clear targeting and an excellent offering that filled an intense need.  For this reason, I got an incredible return on my advertising budget.  The advertising created sales, built my list, my Facebook following, and my positioning all at the same time and quickly.  Another advantage I had was experience in brick and mortar type advertising and appreciation for the contrast between that and online advertising.

Where I used to have to spend $12,000 to create, print, address and mail (real postage) my advertising, now I could precisely target and watch results daily.  Now, to reach twice the number of people with a newsletter, it costs me close to nothing.  I’m not afraid to spend the money online because of the precision, results, and value.

THCG started with newspaper advertising.  I had a large credit from my other business with an annual auction we did, and the local paper told me I could use it with another business – so I advertised Health Coaching.  I got an incredible return.  So amazing that we needed to hire health coaches early and then, I got 386 applicants.  That was when I decided we needed to help health coaches with a different approach.  Newspaper advertising wouldn’t work for us now, as it did then because we were looking for your customer, not ours.  It is a very expensive advertising platform, but if the wording and placement are right, you’ll get a good long term result from it.  Especially if you’re looking to pick up doctors, corporations, and middle-aged women.  Those were our results, using $12,860 in advertising credits.


The one thing most of you are missing is advertising.

You’re afraid of wasting the money by making mistakes.

Why not get someone to do it for you?

I’ve learned a lot from talking to, watching, and doing my own advertising online.  The one advantage was the years of experience in advertising.

I talked to Mastin Kipp about marketing a years ago, and Mastin told me good marketing could drive mountains of people to your door – then you just have to sell them. You do that with good copy on your website and meetings.  The nice thing is, a coach is a natural transition into sales because you’re a good listener and a problem solver.  When you want to buy something, wouldn’t you love someone who would listen and help find a solution?

This return is what I’m talking about!  All advertising should show a return on investment.


Make sure you know your ideal client, and your message is clear, and you know what you want to achieve.  Then ADVERTISE.

Do you need more leads? More followers, more opt-ins, more customers?

Advertising is where most health coaches drop the ball and don’t make it happen.

You will never waste money on good advertising.


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