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Advertise Confidently on Facebook Post Apple Privacy Changes
Podcast 135


Advertise Confidently on Facebook Post Apple Privacy Changes. Facebook advertising is an excellent way to position yourself in front of the right customers, but you must have the right ads in place. Ashlie Pappas shares updates to Facebook advertising due to Apple privacy changes and how you can still optimize your ad campaigns for clients to not only find you, but buy from you too! 

In this episode, Ashlie discusses: 

  • Why advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your business 
  • Think of advertising like a funnel: opt ins, conversions, pixels, cookies   
  • Apple IOS 14 and updates to Facebook advertising
  • Facebook Pixel vs. Conversions API  
  • Using a Facebook business account to manage advertising
  • Events manager, conversion events, tracking, page views 
  • 4 Tabs of Facebook advertising: Campaign, ad sets, ads, resource center
  • Being intentional about optimization and the journey you want your customer to experience 
  • Taking advantage of Facebook’s trainings and education center to set up your first ad campaign
  • Encouragement to be ready for the Facebook Ad change 

    Memorable Quotes:

    • “It’s very important that all health coaches and wellness professionals and practitioners online advertise and let people know that you’re there to help them. Advertising is very important.” 
    • “It’s something you need to be prepared for. If you’ve never used Facebook Ads, you’ll want to go to the pixel.” 


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