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5 Steps to Health Coach Sales with Joanna Sapir

Podcast 186

Converting people into actual paying clients is a process where many health coaches struggle. Joanna Sapir breaks down her 5 Step Predictable Sales System to help health coaches understand their client’s journey and achieve the results they want!  

In this episode, Cathy and Joanna discuss: 

  • Understanding sales and what a sales system is 
  • 5 Steps of a Predictable Sales System:
  1. Invitation for a discovery call, consultation, or assessment 
  2. Automated Scheduler for an initial pre-qualifying filtering process
  3. Prime and prep your prospect—let them know what to expect and share your own values and why behind your work
  4. Consultation—interview the prospective client and ask deeper questions about why this is important to them 
  5. Onboarding—have a clear process to get client started and let them know they made the right decision  

Joanna Sapir has been a teacher and mentor for more than twenty years, from the classroom to the gym floor and now to wellness practices across the world. She works with established practitioners that are doing innovative and transformational work in their fields on the business-side of things like marketing, sales, and administration. Joanna’s special ability is in helping practitioners step into true leadership of their businesses, find more fulfillment and purpose in their work, serve their clients more deeply – and create predictable income and streamlined systems while doing it. A San Francisco Bay Area native, she now lives in Sonoma County, is the mother of two teenage sons, and is a national champion in Olympic-style Weightlifting. Learn more at

Memorable Quotes:

  • “So many health coaches simply think if I just get out there more, somehow I’ll have more clients but what they’re missing is some process, and that is a sales process.”
  • “What I generally encourage people to do is design their programs so that they’re not based on if they’re doing one on one services with people, so they’re not based on a single session or session by session or month by month, but instead to map out what the journey is for that person.”  
  • “Really get to the heart of the matter because that’s going to help you number one—serve that point better to really understand what this is about, two—it’s going to help them find clarity and what this is really about for them, three—it also just really gives you insight into who your clients are and your ideal clients in the future and use a lot of that same language in your own marketing…” 

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