Are You ALL In?

Are You ALL In?

Commit to Your Business  If there is something holding you back in your business, it's often you. You may look around and see that everyone else is reaching their dreams, or worse, look around and see people who aren't.  By comparing yourself to others, you see a...

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Where to Go For Help During Uncertain Times

Where to Go For Help During Uncertain Times

Healthy Selves, Community, Country, and World   There's a lot happening in the world now that may be weighing on you.  This has been an incredible year that has hit people in different ways and different directions.   Some people have actually seen good...

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Healthy at Home – Feelings

Healthy at Home – Feelings

Healthy Selves, Community, Country, and World  We are all feeling an incredible range of emotions this year.  Sometimes our emotions vary from one minute to the next.  For those of us who try to keep quiet and calm in our daily lives to reduce stress, it can feel...

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Healthy at Home – Make Space in Our Surroundings

Healthy at Home – Make Space in Our Surroundings

Mindful Environment There is quite a disparity in the home situation for all of us who have moved home to social distance.  People in retirement centers may be in one room.  Due to the close proximity, they've been secluded to one room, often all by themselves and...

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Healthy At Home – Make Space For Real Food

Healthy At Home – Make Space For Real Food

NourishmentGood things that have come from all this include; eating at home as a family, more gardening, and more thoughtful meal planning.  It seems like everyone is spending more time on their food prep. It can also be pretty easy to sit down in front of the...

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Healthy At Home, Leading the Way

Healthy At Home, Leading the Way

Healthy Selves, Community, Country, and World  If anything at all is learned from the first few months of 2020, we must learn that this is the time that we have individual responsibility toward our own health and happiness. A lot has been said about how to...

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The Bare Minimum to Operate Your Online Health Coaching

The Bare Minimum to Operate Your Online Health Coaching

The Health Coach Group, by Cathy SykoraYour content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module...

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How to Help During the Coronavirus and After

How to Help During the Coronavirus and After

How to Help During the Coronavirus and AfterThere is nothing like helping others to feel better yourself.  Once you help others, and others see you helping, they want to help too.  It's like a giant snowball of goodness rolling down the hill when it grows and everyone...

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Minding Your Wellness Business During Uncertain Times

Minding Your Wellness Business During Uncertain Times

Minding Your Wellness Business During Uncertain Times  OpportunitiesMany of you are shifting from "in person" to online, you may have more time to work on your business, or you may be in business and want to make sure you maximize your efforts. It can be pretty...

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How Health Coaches Can Help With the Coronavirus

How Health Coaches Can Help With the Coronavirus

STEP UP CORONAVIRUS - I know there is a lot of fear attached to this and I see posts every day on Facebook saying everyone is making too big of a deal out of it, it's only old people and sick people who die from it. Most of us have old people and sick people we'd like...

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Non-Dairy Calcium Sources

Non-Dairy Calcium Sources

NON DAIRYAll I need to do to ensure a night of sleeplessness and trouble breathing is to eat something with dairy.  It can be ice cream, pie, cheese, anything with dairy.  It's not something I can comfortably sneak into my meals.  I've gotten used to it.  I can...

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Social Media

Social Media

WHERE TO STARTSocial Media has changed so much over time.  I mastered Facebook reach and engagement for organic growth just in time for them to change their algorithms.  Twitter always seemed like too much work for me, but I sent out a tweet last week and got 5...

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20 leads to follow up on!  I'm super excited and on a roll!  Thanks for your help and support!
Alexis Bloomstrand

Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Purchasing your Platinum package with its educational courses, support, and coaching has been one of the best business investment decisions I have ever made! This week I was able to sell my largest wellness coaching package to date, thanks to having access to the beautiful content that your company provides for me to share with my clients. Being able to show the client the programs, and allowing them to see themselves doing the modules and creating change for themselves, is an invaluable sales tool that has been working like a charm. I am now converting more New Client Assessments into long term packages, more than twice as many as before. The Health Coach Group has absolutely filled a void in my nutrition coaching business, and I am so grateful I found you!   
Harvey Slater

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness, Los Angeles, Ca. USA


all programs are:

Physician, dietitian, psychologist, personal trainer approved and written for health coaches to educate and coach your clients to increase health, happiness, and natural immunity.

every program has: 

* a workshop/webinar

* 3 informational/educational handouts

* a poster

* a 7 piece sales sequence

* easy to edit w/instruction

* option for customization (do it yourself or done for you)

*  we encourage you and even teach you how to customize the programs to your brand and your business

*  most programs have email support for clients, modules, video, audio, graphics, and workbooks or worksheets

*  all premium programs have administrative, setup, and marketing guides, and tools

ALL PROGRAMS are 100% guaranteed, see the sales page for details

The Health Coach Group is the best place for coaches!! You will be able to
build an awesome business with what you find there.
Donna Wassing

Health Coach

I just got my finished branded copy of UpLife.  I can absolutely see why you are so excited about it.  It is amazing!!!

Health Coach

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Platinum Business Package (bundled to save)


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