Skin Care From the Inside Out

Skin Care From the Inside Out

Skin Care for All    Many of us think of potions, makeup that covers, and creams when we think of skin care.  In reality, our skin is just like the rest of our body.  It responds well to lifestyle change.   Our Health Coach Community is here for you. I've...

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We Believe You Can Change the World

We Believe You Can Change the World

We Can Help  When we first started out, I knew that we would somehow give back to the community by expanding and broadening education on coaching, wellness, and business to better help you to run your business knowledgably, responsibly, and confidently. My first...

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Work At Home

Work At Home

Creating a Productive Work Environment for You and Your Team  I've spent more time than usual with customer service people lately because of our move.  There are always things that need to be fixed with cable, household repairs, new furniture, internet, the post...

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The Key to Success as a Coach

The Key to Success as a Coach

Results  Most of us know that the keys to a successful garden are good soil, seeds, nutrients, sunshine, and water. Most of us wouldn't expect a garden to grow if we weren't mindful of how it's sown. Often, we need to adjust the amounts and add a little love to...

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20 Questions for Coaches

20 Questions for Coaches

Mindfulness Changes Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, and Years  Starting your day mindfully can change your life.  We, as health coaches should be constantly aware of this.  Sometimes we spend more time taking care of our clients than ourselves.  Start your day off with...

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A New Year For Health Coaches – 2021!

A New Year For Health Coaches – 2021!

Lessons From 2020   2020 has been the longest year that went by very fast.  While there has been a lot of adjustment to everything that became our reality this year, many of you have come out on top.   In a year like this, and really any year, it's good to...

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How Long Does It Take To Make Money as a Health Coach?

How Long Does It Take To Make Money as a Health Coach?

The Facts  Many health coaches start out and think they should be making $60,000 plus in net profit in the first year.  You can start working at a job and make money right away, so many think the same happens in business.   With that in mind, it is important to...

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36 Ways to Use Your Health Coaching Certificate

36 Ways to Use Your Health Coaching Certificate

There are more options than working for someone else.  Are you a health coach who is trying to figure out the best way to help the world?  Many of us went through school and figured we'd get a job, only to find that we didn't fit existing qualifications and that there...

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Selling Wellness

Selling Wellness

Selling Wellness  This blog has been growing inside of me all year.  At the beginning of the year we had a large number of wellness practitioners coming to us to get their businesses online.  Just like the virus waves, we are seeing another wave of practitioners now. ...

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Are You ALL In?

Are You ALL In?

Commit to Your Business  If there is something holding you back in your business, it's often you. You may look around and see that everyone else is reaching their dreams, or worse, look around and see people who aren't.  By comparing yourself to others, you see a...

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Where to Go For Help During Uncertain Times

Where to Go For Help During Uncertain Times

Healthy Selves, Community, Country, and World   There's a lot happening in the world now that may be weighing on you.  This has been an incredible year that has hit people in different ways and different directions.   Some people have actually seen good...

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20 leads to follow up on!  I'm super excited and on a roll!  Thanks for your help and support!
Alexis Bloomstrand

Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Purchasing your Platinum package with its educational courses, support, and coaching has been one of the best business investment decisions I have ever made! This week I was able to sell my largest wellness coaching package to date, thanks to having access to the beautiful content that your company provides for me to share with my clients. Being able to show the client the programs, and allowing them to see themselves doing the modules and creating change for themselves, is an invaluable sales tool that has been working like a charm. I am now converting more New Client Assessments into long term packages, more than twice as many as before. The Health Coach Group has absolutely filled a void in my nutrition coaching business, and I am so grateful I found you!   
Harvey Slater

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness, Los Angeles, Ca. USA


all programs are:

Physician, dietitian, psychologist, personal trainer approved and written for health coaches to educate and coach your clients to increase health, happiness, and natural immunity.

every program has: 

* a workshop/webinar

* 3 informational/educational handouts

* a poster

* a 7 piece sales sequence

* easy to edit w/instruction

* option for customization (do it yourself or done for you)

*  we encourage you and even teach you how to customize the programs to your brand and your business

*  most programs have email support for clients, modules, video, audio, graphics, and workbooks or worksheets

*  all premium programs have administrative, setup, and marketing guides, and tools

ALL PROGRAMS are 100% guaranteed, see the sales page for details

The Health Coach Group is the best place for coaches!! You will be able to
build an awesome business with what you find there.
Donna Wassing

Health Coach

I just got my finished branded copy of UpLife.  I can absolutely see why you are so excited about it.  It is amazing!!!

Health Coach

Platinum Membership Business Package (bundled to save)

Platinum Business Package (bundled to save)


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Naturopathic Doctors


Registered Dietititians



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Life Coaches

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Longevity Wellness Specialists

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Sports Conditioning Specialists

Holistic Mental Health Professionalists

Weight Loss Specialists

Designers Specializing in Healthy Homes

Functional Medicine Practitioners

Hormone Experts

Skin Care Professionals

Sleep Specialists

Clinical Sleep Educators

Pain Management

Wellness Practitioners W/Specialties in Diabetes, Cancer, Autoimmune, Autism, Allergies, and more

Naturopathic Membership Program (any dietary theory)

Weight Loss Program (paleo, standard, plant-based)

Whole-Food, Plant-Based Program

Healthy Gut Program (paleo, standard, plant-based)

Age Well at Any Age (age 16-104, any dietary theory)

Life Matters (everything you didn't learn by graduation)

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