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what does it take to build a successful WELLNESS business online?

Program creation doesn’t have to hold up your business growth. 

We’ve been providing professional, beautiful, successful programs for wellness professionals in all fields for 10 years!  Our programs have been used by 1000’s of health coaches, doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, psychologists, personal trainers, life coaches, and spiritual advisors, proving that lifestyle changes result in increased quality of life.

If you have the passion to help others but are intimidated by building a business online, we have the tools you need. We  can’t wait to watch you build a business you love – let’s go!


All Programs are Physician/Health Coach Approved 

See what makes our programs so exceptional.

Do your customers wonder what to believe with all the online health misinformation?

Our programs are fully resourced and backed by science. You can be the authority and comfortable with the materials and information you provide for your clients.

All standard and premium programs are complete with ready-to-implement materials, emails, and handouts. All are professionally designed to have you up and running, making money now!


Templates and Uploads

You can change out pictures and add to the message to suit your target market and voice.


Know How to Run Your Program

Easy to follow directions and checklists for discussion and meetings.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Know what you need to do with detailed setup instructions and tips.

Assets That Sell Your Programs

Opt-ins, Graphics, Posters, Ad Copy, and Marketing Tools.

A Webinar /Workshop

Describes your program for you.  A presentation that sells.

Professional Modules Teach

Professional, beautiful modules that are filled with educational content that is sourced and backed with empirical evidence.

For Those Who Learn by Hearing

Your clients can learn in the car, while walking, or when it’s handy.  

Watch and Learn For the Visual

Module content, exercise, visualization, or food preparation is easier to learn on video.

Fill in the Blank for Ownership

Your client owns the results when they come up with the answers on their own.

Varies With Programs

Where appropriate there are recipe books, meal planning, grocery lists, and more.



Join Cathy now to learn what it takes to get your wellness business online and making money.  You’ll learn specific steps, how to make it happen faster, and how to avoid costly mistakes.

About Our Founder

Cathy Sykora


Hi! I’m Cathy Sykora, I, and my team help doctors, functional practitioners, naturopaths, chiropractors, registered dietitians, personal trainers, in addition to health coaches to become the business that is a recognized as the expert in your field. 

You are important to me.

I want to help you spend more time in your practice and less time trying to write programs and figuring things out by yourself.

We work with you to determine a business plan, marketing strategy, set up your programs for you and even deliver them. We provide a community of your peers and mentor you.  We do as little or as much as you need.  We are here so you can take your business to the next level.

Learn more about me, our team, and The Health Coach Group here.


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