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Getting clients and growing your business doesn’t have to be so hard. If you’re a health coach, doctor, dietitian, nurse, nutritionist, naturopath, or, if you have a passion for health and coaching but are intimidated by building a business online, we have the tools you need. We  can’t wait to watch you build a business you love – let’s go!

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All the tools you need to get your wellness business set up and earning fast!

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“…I’m now converting twice as many as before.”

Purchasing your Platinum package with its educational courses, support, and coaching has been one of the best business investment decisions I have ever made!

This week I was able to sell my largest wellness coaching package to date, thanks to having access to the beautiful content that your company provides for me to share with my clients.

Being able to show the client the programs, and allowing them to see themselves doing the modules and creating change for themselves, is an invaluable sales tool that has been working like a charm.

I am now converting more New Client Assessments into long-term packages, more than twice as many as before.

The Health Coach Group has absolutely filled a void in my nutrition coaching business, and I am so grateful I found you!

Harvey Slater
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness
Los Angeles, Ca. USA

All Programs are Physician Approved!

Do your customers wonder what to believe with all the online health misinformation?

Our programs are fully resourced and backed by science. You can be the authority and comfortable with the materials and information you provide for your clients. 

All standard and premium programs are complete with ready-to-implement materials, emails, and handouts. All are professionally designed to have you up and running, making money, in about 2 weeks!

 Upcoming Events

Join Cathy for  FREE workshops where she gives you practical tools and advice to help you grow your business.

Upcoming topics include adding program delivery options, business planning, running ready-to-launch programs, getting customers now, and more.

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Have you browsed our ready-to-launch programs but still aren’t sure which ones are right for your business? Use our program comparison chart that lists all of the programs and it’s features to figure out what’s right for you!

Discover the Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a hidden treasure. This membership program is designed to deliver business tools, coach-client programs, and help with business planning and marketing so your business grows while you do.

Easy Membership Platform for Elevated Income Potential

Get a beautiful, professional and functional membership website created for you by our graphic designers, loaded with all of your programs, set up and ready to go.

Add a little or customize a lot, your options are virtually unlimited. 

About Our Founder

Cathy Sykora

Hi! I’m Cathy Sykora, I, and my team help doctors, functional practitioners, naturopaths, chiropractors, registered dietitians, personal trainers, in addition to health coaches to become the business that is a recognized as the expert in your field. 

You are important to me.

I want to help you spend more time in your practice and less time trying to write programs and figuring things out by yourself.

We work with you to determine a business plan, marketing strategy, set up your programs for you and even deliver them. We provide a community of your peers and mentor you.  We do as little or as much as you need.  We are here so you can take your business to the next level.

Learn more about me, our team, and The Health Coach Group here.


she’ll let you in on her most effective business tips

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  A vision board can be made of  poster board.  You can collect pictures you have torn out of old magazines and make a collage.  You can also use new technology, like Photoshop and make a virtual vision board from images you collect online.  A vision board can…

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Health Coaches - Avoid This Mistake.

When I started my business 32 years ago, I sent out a postcard in the mail and people called – and I had a business.  I just kept telling people what I had that they wanted.  They would then tell their friends about my business and it was like a giant snow…

Smart Health Coaches Build Their Lists

List Building for Beginners   Any kind of business – brick and mortar or online, need clients and potential clients.  The people who make up this group for your business is called your list. Online email lists are the most cost efficient way to do that. For…

Running Your Own Business - Health Coach Entrepreneurs

Running Your Own Business – Health Coach Entrepreneurs We are such a diverse group “the health coaches”, some have had years of business experience, some have been in the medical field, business, journalism, sports, design, full time parents and as…

Social Media for Health Coaches

Social Media 101 for Health Coaches We are in week 7 of Business Plans for Health Coaches.  This is the week that we have been prepping you for!  2 big topics in one week….websites and social media. Following is an excerpt and interview with the business woman…

Branding Your Health Coach Business

Brand Your Health Coach Business This is one of the most important steps in setting up your health coach business.  Whether you have a new business or an old business that needs some direction, stop whatever you are doing and give your brand some attention. Branding…

5 Ways To Visualize and Attain Success

Visualization is useful in planning, designing and managing almost anything. When you set a goal, your chance for success is greatly increased by being able to visualize the result.  Being able to visualize the action steps can be helpful as well. Is there something…

Inside You Will Find:


A wide range of Cathy’s favorite articles to help you get ahead in your business.

Some Topics include:


– Social media tips

– What it takes to run your own business

– How to build email lists

– Goal setting

– Investing in your business



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